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rain drop pinata


rain drop pinata | A Subtle Revelry

Let the summer celebrations begin! Since I moved from sunny San Diego to Reno, one of the things I have grown to love is the stark changing of the seasons. We say goodbye to one and just that quickly another hits us with full steam force. Summer here equals hot and dry days, so I’d like to bid an official farewell to spring with a few festive rain drop pinatas. They’ll be all the rain we will be seeing for a very long while.

Rain Drop Pinata | A Subtle RevelryRain Drop Pinata | A Subtle Revelry

The rain drop pinatas are easy to make and would look amazing at a bridal “shower” or other summer celebration. To make them, blow up a balloon and line it with tissue paper dipped in acrylic glue (see full instructions in the archives, right here). Line the paper mache ball with fringe that has been folded in half and cut up the sides. Fill and enjoy a hearty welcome to summer this weekend.

PS. This shape pinata looks even cuter in miniature!


  • Heather
    June 27, 2013 at 10:31 am

    These would look amazing at a pink themed princess party. Thanks for posting!

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