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Rainbow Witches Group Halloween Costume

At the kids school all the teachers dress up for Halloween and they are so creative. They’ll normally group up and have an entire grade dress as one big group Halloween costume. Inspired by this, we created a Halloween group costume of rainbow witches!

Whether you might be dressing up for school, the office, or for a girls night out this Halloween – dressing as a group is always more fun. And taking the spooky out of witches to make them festive and colorful is exactly the type of Halloween fun I adore!

Where my witches at?

Rainbow Witch Group Halloween Costume

To make a rainbow witch group Halloween costume you will need:

1. Paint witch hat with fabric paint. Let dry and paint a second coat if needed. Make the hats in any color of the rainbow!

2. Paint witch nose with fabric paint to match the hats. Let dry. Paint second coat and allow to fully dry before wearing.

3. To make the tutu skirts start by cutting a thin black ribbon long enough to tie around your waist. We cut ours 4-5 feet.

4. Cut tulle in long strips. Measure from your waist to the length you want and then multiply by 2. We cut ours to 4′ each.

5. Fold tulle in half, place behind black ribbon and pull ends through the loop. Knot around the ribbon to create the skirt.

6. Continue wrapping around the skirt until you run out of tulle.

A simple outfit to match and a set of rainbow witches ready to take the town!

PS. You could also go as a group of Pool float Halloween Costume, party fans, cotton candy Halloween Costume or swans.

(Thanks to my awesome witchy models:) Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Ali Denney).

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