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Green Couch Reading Challenge

We are officially on spring break this week and already having a blast. Whenever my kids get school breaks whether its for spring or summer we try to plan something fun, while also trying to further their good reading habits. As a family we create our own reading challenge that aligns to wherever we might be traveling.

Reading Challenge for kids

Green Couch Reading Challenge

This week we are visiting my brother in Santa Fe, NM. I’ve never been to Santa Fe before but have heard such AMAZING things about it. We are here for a week before driving to the grand canyon and then back to Reno. In other words… that is a lot of time sitting and potentially reading as we go.

The thing about a reading challenge is that you need a prize good enough to really inspire everyone to go for it.

So this spring break family reading challenge is being called the green couch reading challenge! ;)

Both my kids have been asking for a couch in their bedrooms, I’m not sure exactly why all kids want couches in their rooms? I totally remember wanting one too, did you? Matt actually had one! Lucky kid he was.

Matt also REALLY wants me to move this green couch back upstairs into our living room and I prefer to keep it where it is in my studio.

So whoever logs the most reading time while we travel gets the couch! We’ve got to make things a little fun for our reading challengs along the way, right!?! ;)

Summer Break Reading Challenge

We take our Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet with us when traveling for school breaks. When you have kids that are avid readers (whether it’s for a green couch or just because they love it), the book stack can get huge and wobbly quickly. Right!?! Plus, when we take library books we always seem to lose one along the way. Every Time.

Instead, when we travel now we just bring the kid’s tablets. They are already loaded with Amazon Free Time and through the library we have access to download hundreds of books at a time. The kids can read whatever they want!

And because as the parent, I have access to the dashboard, I can make sure they are reading appropriate books – nothing to gory and NO PICTURE BOOKS. Those do not count towards our green couch challenge. Although, I have made exceptions in our reading challenge for comic novels, because those are HUGE these days in the 9 year old crowd.

The Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet also makes it easy to track everyones minutes as they read and give small rewards along the way. So even if they don’t win the green couch reading challenge, they get tablet game/show time for every hour they read.

It really takes the entire process of what and how long my kids get to do specific things with their tablets and makes it so easy! Once we have our break system set up, there is no more fighting about…

Can I watch another show?

Can I play another game?

Do I haaaaaave to read?

Instead we have the tech just set in place for our family boundaries. It makes traveling for spring break so much easier!

And when, we get home we will be able to add up all our minutes and see who won the reading challenge and gets this fun green couch in their room for the spring! In fact, if it works as well as I’m hoping (I’ll be sure to let you know), then maybe the green couch will become a bit of a reading challenge trophy, moving rooms after every school break.

We love to make reading fun for the kids and also easy for us parents. Because 21 hours in the car is crazy enough without fighting about tablets. That’s why I’m such a huge fan of our Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablets and the joy that technology brings us in parenting.

This post is sponsored by Amazon, reading challenge ideas are all mine. 

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