I, like many of you, have been burdened this week by the ongoing tragedy in Japan. It is difficult to see trials so great in our world. It has been encouraging over the past few days to hear survivor stories begin to trickle in. To hear of restaurant owners opening up shop to freely feed victims, of catastrophe centers celebrating a very loved elder grandma’s birthday. It lifts my heart to see others deeply effected turn around to give grace and hope to those who need it. To see our lovely online community begin to respond, give and love those so far away.

My heart yearns for a world without this current destruction. My desire for celebration in times like these moves from a passion to a deep rooted conviction. As a Christian, I believe that tragedy is not the final word in life. It is important that even when times are the most difficult we don’t lose vision of the future, of our hope, of the good that we have in this life.

Today, I encourage you to celebrate what is good, even amidst the trails you may face. To give to those in Japan so that they may be able to celebrate again. Ez is running a sale to donate all her proceeds to the cause, I just bought the cupcake print above, which is so pretty. Cake with Giants is another store giving away proceeds this week and here is information for a local organization if you’d like to donate. Also a prayer for Japan and the world, from a man I greatly respect, in case you may want to read it.

Tomorrow I will participate in the bloggers day of silence for Japan. May you celebrate through the joys and trials of what life may bring this weekend.