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reason to celebrate | dark and stormy

Do you have any fall drink favorites? I tried this season’s Harvest Pumpkin Ale the other week, it tasted like fall in a bottle! It would be a great drink to invite friends over and share.

I happened upon photos from this “welcome to dark and stormy season” party and instantly adored the idea of having friends over to celebrate the release of a favorite seasonal drink. Such a lovely party plan for fall gatherings. A simple spread, a favorite drink and a collection of great glasses is all you would need to recreate a night like this.

Photos from Charlotte’s photo-stream and The blue hour.


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  1. What a great idea! My mother just brought over the season’s fig chutney, I have some Ball jars left over and there’s already some ginger beer in the wine closet. . . . (and there’s always some cheese around here, somewhere, with bread or crackers) I see a neighborhood get-together in our future.

  2. This looks YUMMY!! and I really love the colors of everything from the cheese to the bread board to the backdrop! The jars finish everything off and exude tones of autumn….I’m really ready for this upcoming season!! make a homemade organic Spiced Apple-Pear soda that tastes just like fall, too! I’ll have to try a pumpkin ale at some point!

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