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How to create a DIY Glitter Wall

Can we admit that glitter is an official color? I mean, for me its one of my favorite colors. Sprinkles of sparkle add that certain something special that my heart just goes crazy for. When we we came up with this DIY glitter wall, my heart nearly busted!

DIY glitter wall

Now, before you ask, “Do you really need a wall of glitter?” Yes, yes I definitely need an entire glitter wall. First, It would be the perfect backdrop to just about anything and all the decoration party would need. Plus, would wouldn’t wake up in a good mood every time those eyes opened and all you saw was sparkle?

But there is one roadblock that I always hit when it comes to glitter decor. Once you go glitter can you really ever go back? I think I have the perfect solution!

DIY Glitter

Here is how you create a DIY glitter wall

A few supplies you will need are:

  • Paint (I like to match as close to the glitter color as possible)
  • Large pice of wood
  • Spray adhesive glue
  • Glitter
  1. You will need to cut a piece of wood that fits the space that you are wanting to cover. If its a large wall, you might need to use a couple different pieces. Once you get the wood covered in glitter and placed on the wall, you will hardly see the seams.
  2. Paint you wood and let dry completely. Again, I would find a paint that matches the glitter color as close as possible.
  3. Once the the paint has dried, grab your spray adhesive and spray away friends! Make sure not to over spray, just give the board a nice even coat of spray adhesive.
  4. Sprinkle your glitter. Then dust off access.
  5. Use screws to mount to you wall. Then girl, you got yourself a glitter wall!

Glitter Wall

A few of my favorite glitter projects!

Now if a DIY glitter wall isn’t enough, here are a few more of my favorites!

So, have I sold you on glitter yet? Let us know in the comments what wall you will be glittering!


Gorgeous work by photographer Aaron Ruell.



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  1. oh man, a GLITTER wall. that sounds awesome. as long as that glitter was STUCK to the wall and not all over pets, floors, hair….because it could quickly be House of Glitter You Can’t Escape.

    • HA! No, I don’t think it would be a practical “live with everyday piece” but for a special occasion it would be magnificent. I am always willing to vacuum if it means a beautiful party:)

  2. I would suggest applying a coat of white elmers glue on top of the glitter to “set it” that way you won’t have glitter all over your hands when you touch it. Because we all know we do. ;) (how can you resist glitter heaven)

    • You are a genius Kelly!!! That is a great solution. Although, it might hinder the sparkle factor just a bit, it would definitely make things much more neat:)

  3. That IS incredible! I love it, especially for something temporary.

    I feel like I’ve seen glitter spray…??? Which might not have the same effect, but would be much more practical to make.

  4. This is my heaven!!!! I would LOVE to have my bedroom painted in glitter! Is this something you can buy just like this or do you have to create it on your own? Either way this is fabulous and can bring a hint of glamour to any room :)

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