As many of you know I am familiar, and oddly fearful of my sewing machine. It really takes a lot to make me drag it out and remember the 47 steps to make a straight stitch. When my friend Debra shared with me about her new sewing book… I was nervous it was going to judge me, but it didn’t (hooray!).

The book is so encouraging. It will pep talk any sewing impaired crafter to thread up. The projects are super easy and creative. Some even use basic hand stitches, like sewing paper (awesome right!). Improv Sewing is a book about, “pursuing joy, not pursuing perfection” which I love. Their goal is to try and change the way people think about making things, their mission is to help people get over their fears of messing up and start having more fun when they create.

Debra and Nicole will be putting a celebratory spin on their passion and doing a DIY project for the fall issue of Styled. magazine, you will love it! In the meantime, pick up the book here and check out the inspiring book trailer that Ryan Marshall shot.

Photos taken by Alexandra Grablewski