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a marmalade festival

The world’s original Marmalade Festival, held at the Dalemain Estate in The Lakes District, England has quickly become one of my favorite spring events. Jars of marmalade are sent in from all over the world and fancy renown foodies come to judge the contest. The beautiful estate grounds are opened to enjoy; gorgeous gardens, bag piping boys, and a local artisan market all welcome guests to the festival.

I adore the casual styling of the food and relaxed feeling of the day. It seems to communicate that the celebration is just too perfect to rush. Mismatched table clothes and simple print type labels are set out with plates of fruits and jam for snacking.

The event culminates with a fancy dinner that serves as a fundraiser for Hospice at Home and a welcome for all the contributors. Ivan Day, a distinguished food historian shares about the techniques of the first Italian ice cream making, and the marmalade winning awards are given. They even boast a, “made by a man” category- how fun! The whole day seems like something you would read in a Jane Austin novel, and a fabulous welcoming for spring.

Beautiful photos by Annabel Braithwaite, who had the amazing chance to be there for the festival. Thanks for sharing!



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