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reason to celebrate | the king’s speech

I saw The King’s Speech this weekend and adored every minute of it. Have you seen it? If you are in need of holiday plans today, I would highly suggest it. The scene above reminded me of my absolute love for vintage tea parties. It has been far to long since I hosted one of my own. I was gifted a few antique pieces including this bridal plate from a retiring hostess that I must dust off very soon. Queen or not, it would be a splendid way to celebrate this spring.

Plus, the new lookbook for Gary pepper vintage is filled with beautiful garden scenes, perfect inspirations for tea!

Photo via Miss Moss


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  1. I saw this movie at Christmas time – I absolutely loved it! I can’t believe that Colin Firth mastered that stutter – amazing! I hope it wins lots of awards. I certainly much preferred it to The Black Swan – not one of my favourites. I think we should have a tea party to discuss this further some time soon! Stephie x

  2. I am planning a Spring tea party, as soon as the weather warms up- on the back lawn! And I’m using 14 feet of Recycled Hymnal w/ Appliqué Garland, 14 and a 10-foot strand of Endive Confetti Garland from Kristina Marie
    …Which I won from your “Celebrate Joy” design contest! I can’t wait to decide exactly how to incorporate these garlands to my tea party. Please post more tea party ideas for inspiration!

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