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Recap 2012: Favorite Recipes

This year we launched a new section to this blog; recipes! Not in the difficult cookbook sense, but more of an easy festive party style. I have adored sharing recipes throughout this year and am excited to see this category grow even more in the coming months. Here are a few of my favorites from 2012.

The second most popular post of the year, and probably the simplest ever – these milk heart ice cubes will sweeten any coffee or milk with a bit of festive charm.

I tried my hands at making a few natural foods this year; these DIY simple syrups are my favorite of them all.

Homemade yogurt Popsicles were a fun way to welcome in the spring.

I heard about these peppermint lemon sticks at a local fair. We made them at home, and they quickly became a favorite summer treat!

We said HELLO to summer in June, with cotton candy smore’s.

I made this simple chocolate garden cake for our family photos – it was so so very good!

These fried cheesecake bites are a mixture of my two favorite items (cheesecake and candles), and they taste amazing.

We made birthday candles for our dog, and celebrated another 6 doggie years for our favorite pup.

I shared my three favorite ways to make homemade pumpkin seeds.

We had a laugh while making these rotten brownie eggs for Halloween. Then, we brought them to school for the kids.

Stamped pie crusts took center stage at our Thanksgiving feast.

Once the weather turned cold, I started stamping marshmallows with food coloring to enjoy in hot drinks. We even made an alphabet. It’s a perfect winter day project for the kids.

To end the year we infused cranberries in bourbon and sugar – a sweet holiday treat.

See the complete list of recipes right here and the full 2012 recap here.

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