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Recreate recipe, feathered lights

These ostrich feather chandeliers by Haldane Martin are astounding- a beautiful way to start off our week together. Imagine one hanging over a bright bold tiered cake, or strung in succession over a dance floor. It might take a little time and patience but I am convinced these could be tackled via DIY.

(via ishandchi)

Here is my recipe to recreate this beauty:
You will need… 1 large plastic or metal bowl + a pile of a single shade ostrich or other bird feathers (fake feathers often available at major craft stores if you lack the real deal) + hot glue + an electric light socket pack.

To make… drill one small hole in the bottom of your bowl (large enough to fit the light socket), put the socket and light fixture into place making a simple bowl shade, then beginning with the bottom layer use a small dab of glue to connect the tops of the feathers to the bowl moving around the fixture. Continue with lines of feather up to the top, overlapping twenty five percent on your way up. Hang and enjoy!

PS. You could make one just as striking in a deep rich color for fall or perhaps black for Halloween!


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