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Recreate | spring vases

Considering my crazy love of chalkboard paint and the leftovers I have after this project, this project and also this one. I was smitten to stumble upon these sweet spring vases. I’m thinking they will be the perfect way to say “Thank you” for attending, at my next spring party.

To recreate: Save a handful of glass product jars and soak in hot water to remove labels easily. Tape off the top and bottom of your paint line and use colored chalkboard paint to fill in between. You can purchase chalkboard paint at your local hardware store or follow my homemade chalkboard paint tutorial for making it at home. Let your paint dry and remove tape before writing a sweet note of thanks!

PS. I just adore how these vases look with one simple stem in each, what pretty inspiration for this quickly coming spring!



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  1. these are beautiful…and fun…and well just scream mothers day gifts for my students moms!!!! what i was wondering is do you use special chalkboard paint or does just the store bought brand work on glass?????

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