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Registering for best hostess

Pipecleaner stars

When deciding on where to register for a wedding or anniversary party it can be difficult to narrow down exactly what is best. I remember the process and how I wanted to make sure I picked the exact right things.

My biggest tip for the registry process is to determine what exactly you envision the upcoming years to look like and registering accordingly. If your hope is to be the best hostess on the block, then a stash of pretty serving pieces and great classic cooking supplies is an easy win.

I’m teaming up with Sur La Table today to share 3 important tips for registering like the awesome hostess you know you are.

Starburst seating cards - made with pipe cleaners!

1. Focus on the details.

With all the options available, some are more thoughtful than others to your future Mrs. living. Focusing on details like a mixture of marble and wood on a cutting board, or pretty curves on a french press, will easily be a hostesses dream and showstoppers when filled for guests.

Focusing on the DIY details is important as well. These cute pipe cleaner starbursts are a great way to mark the seats of those first house guests. Make hundreds for the wedding, or shower in your favorite color scheme and save the leftovers to top off your first gatherings at home.

To make them we cut down 2 pipe cleaners and hot glued them together in a starburst form. Topped with a circle sticker they’ll work wonders showing any number of guests to their seats.

Having an overlap of little details like these from the wedding, to the house, is a sweet way to keep the festivities going and settle into your first weeks at home.


2. Think long lasting

There are plenty of opportunities to buy that cheap can opener you need. Your registry should not be one of them!

A registry should be much more fun and long lasting than that. Resist the urge to gravitate towards the everyday items and instead register for those really special pieces you’ll keep for a lifetime. The new Staub White Cocotte is the type of pot you will use daily. Forever.

I love mine and use it for everything from making Root Veggie Soup to baking cakes. It’s a truly great investment piece that I would register for again and again.

White Staub Cocotte

Starburst seating cards

3. Be the hostess of your dreams.

My biggest advice when it comes to registering is to think about what you envision for the coming years and register accordingly. If you dream of outdoor adventures and skiing, then that should guide your choices. If you are like me, and dream of building a home to invite friends into, to cook for, and to celebrate with… then your registry items can go a long way to bringing these realities to life.

This Wedding Wednesday post is done in partnership with Sur La Table. You can see the entire series right here.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland).

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  • Shatakshi
    February 16, 2016 at 8:20 am

    Love the pipe cleaner starbursts. Planning to make a few as gift toppers. :)


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