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Revelry In Motherhood

This post is sponsored by the theatrical release of Mother’s Day, in theaters April 29th.


Motherhood is not all sparkles and bows for sure. There are many days that our world looks a lot more chaotic than calm and happy. But even on the craziest of days, I’d be lost without my babies.

They make me, me in so many ways.

I realize it is cliché to say, but I don’t think I ever realized so much of what my mom did until I became one myself. Until I tied the sparkly shoes, put on the princess crowns, and gave up so much of me to be mom to them.

And found myself in 100 hilarious ways over again.


Seeing the world through their eyes constantly encourages me and helps me to liven up and laugh at myself a bit more.

With our recent renovation project still weighing heavily on us, it’s easy to just be moving in life together and not stopping for a minute to really enjoy each other. I want to stop in my tracks a bit and celebrate the little things with my kids this week.

Here are 5 simple ideas to encourage revelry in motherhood:

1. Shoot a slow-motion film together. I don’t know what it is about slo-mo, but the kids just LOVE it! Whether we are swinging, wrestling, or cleaning, everything is wonderful if you can watch yourself doing it in slow motion. Teach them how to take videos on your phone, or shoot them doing stuff and watch it together. It’s worth about 100 laughs from everyone.

2. Craft something together. It doesn’t have to be a huge project; even just coloring a photo together while you wait for dinner can become a moment of joy.

3. Try out a new drink. My kids love trying out new flavors of drinks. Mix something up in the kitchen and let them choose what to put in—sparkling water with berries or watermelon mixed into fruit juice. It’s a fun way to include their creativity without making a gigantic mess.

4. Throw a dance, cooking, confetti, or balloon party! We are a family of dance parties, and when I stop even for just 10 minutes to bust a few moves, everyone is automatically cheered up.

5. Jot down something that is awesome every day. What they’ve said or done that’s impressed you, made you laugh, etc. I used to keep a journal when the twins were younger, but now I tend to just jot notes down wherever. I find them often when I am working or after a long day, and they remind me of the awesomeness of what is happening right now. I have a good friend who set up an email account just for this purpose. She sends emails of all the funny things they do and say to eventually give to them one day. It is such a great idea.

Are there any specific activities you do to encourage yourself and enjoy the kids? I’m going to try to do one small thing every day this week.

A little revelry in real life.

Another thing I’ve found to be wildly helpful is to hear other mom’s stories of the fun and craziness of raising kids. Whether it’s chatting with friends or watching a movie about the ups and downs of parenting, it is always an encouragement to stop, laugh a little, and enjoy what I have. The new movie Mother’s Day follows three different women with their own hilarious stories of being in the trenches and enjoying their kids.


There aren’t very many grown-up movies I watch these days. Call it the curse of being a mom and having to pay $67 in babysitting just to sit and watch a movie. But this one seems fun and totally worth it. Seeing it with my mom and friends will be a fun way to enjoy the day that connects us all. Mother’s Day comes out April 29th. The movie is a big-hearted comedy celebrating moms. It’s a movie about three women and three stories. This Mother’s Day, let’s let go of our fears and embrace and revel in the ones we love.

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