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rotten brownie eggs

Nothing gives off the spooky chills of the season quite like a rotten egg. Make this whimsical version with food dye and fill it with a brownie for a special Halloween sweet. Perfect for October gatherings or to bring for school treats.

To make the rotten brownie eggs begin by piercing a hole in each shell and draining the insides (save the eggs for future use). Carefully rinse out each egg and soak in salt water for thirty minutes, then dry. Use a mixture of food dye to make black dip and then dye the eggs to achieve this “rotten” look. Once dry, fill each egg 3/4 full with your favorite brownie mixture. Use a cupcake tray, lined with aluminum foil, to help the eggs stand upright during baking. Bake according to brownie directions.

Once the brownies are finished and cooled, use a knife to remove any excess mixture that may be popping out of the top. Filling them only 3/4 of the way fill should prevent most of this. Serve with a smirk and enjoy a new spooky tradition.

Photography in collaboration with Erin Holland.


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