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8 Great Boat Party Ideas

Inside: 8 great boat party food and game ideas!

Now that it’s the middle of summer, we have all either spent plenty of time (or, in my case, dreamed of spending plenty of time) on a boat. Wouldn’t it be awesome to be on a boat today?!?

boat partyboat party food ideas

If you don’t have the ability to be sailing around the world right now, make your boat dreams come true in party form! Inspired by my favorite kite ever (see here), we created boat sail party hats and cake toppers. They’re a whimsically fun addition to any kids party this time of year.

boat party game ideas

8 Great Boat Party Idea

1. The cutest boat sail cake topper

To make the boat sail cake topper you’ll need bamboo kitchen skewers, a colorful piece of cardstock paper, glue, and our printable boat sail PDF.

  1.  Print out the PDF onto paper color of your choice and cut to size.
  2.  Glue the Bamboo skewers to the sails and stick the sails into a cake.
  3. The last step which is totally optional is to line the cake in lemon heads. Because it’s pretty and reminds me of sailing off into the setting sun.

2. Coil Rope Party Coasters

3. The perfect sailor knot

4. Sail Boat party hats

To make the sailboat party hats you’ll need 3- 12×12 pieces of paper, bamboo skewers, and hot glue.

  1. Print out the boat sail template right here and cut to size.
  2.  Take the 12×12 paper and combine two of them together to form a circle. Glue in place to form the base of the hat.
  3.  Cut a circle out of the 3rd piece of paper to match the top hole in the hat.  and glue on top for the hat top.
  4.  Glue the sails onto the bamboo skewers and cut the skewers down to size. It works best to lay them out for a good measurement then cut along the bottom edge. Poke the bottom of each skewer directly into the tops of the hats and have them drop about an inch downward.
  5.  Glue the skewers firmly into place. Wait until the hot glue has completely dried before removing your hand from steadying the sails. They should stand straight and at attention once dried.Sail boat party hat

Boat Party Food Ideas

5. The cutest fish bowl treats. These make the best boat party food ideas!

6. I also think these gummy candy sushis would be too cute!

sail boat party

Boat Party Game Ideas

7. This fun playing boat game is perfect for a boat party game idea!

8. Or this rock the boat party game!

Throwing a boat party is a great way to celebrate this summer! Get the kite, make the cake and craft the hat. Even set up a paper boat racing game to complete the afternoon of summer fun.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland).

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