My husband has an encouragement he likes to give while I’m styling events. “Say it out loud and see if it sounds like a good idea”. This comes in handy when I need a floating table and go through 8 different plans before deciding on nine helium filled balloons (all smiles when it worked!).

If only we had listened to this advice while planning the direction of the last two years of our life. Brilliant plans, that we would move to San Diego with twin toddlers and that Matt would go to seminary to get his Masters of Divinity (because he is crazy smart like that and loves the study of God). Genius plans, that he would become a notorious blackjack card counter (did I mention he is crazy smart).

Until recently this is what we did; studying/blogging together late into the night and weekend trips to Las Vegas to pay our bills (cue in hardest year of my life).

If you follow me on twitter you may already know that we are moving in just a few weeks. My husband has taken a new job and our family is moving to Reno, NV. I have a hundred thoughts on this move… there is no Anthropologie in Reno (gasp!), but it is only three hours from San Fransisco (hooray!).

Mostly though we just want to be boring for awhile; love God, love our family and work hard.

In the midst of this difficult season there has been so much good in life. Thank you for being a part of that good. Starting this site has been a bright point of our year for sure, and one that I am looking forward continuing on in even better ways. You are rock stars (seriously!) thanks for being here. I wish I could give you each a hug today…

Photo by Jackie Rueda via the wee lass.

PS. They’re releasing a documentary on the blackjack team Matt played on. If you are interested in a bunch of Christian guys counting cards (ironic I know), see more here.