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Fun Sharpie Pillowcase Crafts

Inside: The cutest sharpie pillowcase DIY crafts.

Sleep tight and rest your eyes on a love note with these simple sharpie pillowcase DIY. They are a pretty way to celebrate love, home and those special moments of rest we all treasure. The pillows are currently adorning our bed and make me smile every time I lay down. They are the type of little detail I get excited about, to make our home feel lived in and loved. See how to make these fun sharpie crafts!


sharpie crafts

How to make this sharpie pillowcase DIY

To make the scripted pillows use simple white cotton or jersey pillowcases and a sharpie made for fabric. The fabric sharpies have a great look and sustain the washing machine with no smudges (score!). I love using them for all my fabric sharpie crafts! Use a favorite poem, or print a simple saying in consecutive lines along the entire width of the pillow.

sharpie DIY

More fun sharpie crafts

There are so many fun sharpie projects out there! I don’t think that all the sharpie projects get the credit they deserve, so I want to share a few of my favorites with you.

Sharpie projects

sharpie pillowcase DIY


Photography was done in collaboration with Pictilio.


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  1. I love words, I love textiles, and, like you, I love making my home feel like a place where people and comfort are treasured. Thanks for sharing your rendition of these pillow cases. So sweet and they turned out great. It must’ve been a bit of a challenge to keep your handwriting in a straight line. ;)

  2. I wrote the vow we wrote for each other on a set of pillow cases I plan to tuck them away and get them back out to use the month we were married in.

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