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Email Thank you card

When we launched our email list I mentioned there would be free goodies coming if you sign up for the email. You can still sign up right here! One of the goodies we’ve sent out is a colorful set of email cards.

In honor of Thanksgiving I’m giving away this email Thank You card today.

This is the perfect week to slow down for a few days and remember all the things, and all the people, we are thankful for. This year, instead of keeping your list to yourself – let the people you are thankful for know it. Send them a sweet little card via email or text and celebrate thankfulness this week.


This thank you card would also be an easy way to send a classroom worth of birthday party thanks out in a cinch. I may know that from experience. :)

To share the email thank you card.

  1. Download the gif to your computer/phone by clicking here.
  2. Upload it to an email, text etc and send thanks to someone who you are thankful for today.

We are taking the next few days off to celebrate and give thanks with our family. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. xoxo

(Thank you card graphic ©A Subtle Revelry for personal use/without alteration only, by Wita Puspita).

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