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Fun Shadow Box Wall Art

Inside: How to fill a shadow box to make shadow box art!

It’s a party! Nah. It’s just my house:) What can I say? I like a bright space filled with fun. I saw this lego display and thought… oh that is awesome. That needs sprinkles, confetti, and balloons!

shadow box artAnd my front room needed art – so this is what I came up with. DIY shadow box party art. So fun and you could make it with literally anything you love. Although, who doesn’t love balloons? We should all make at least one with balloons.

DIY shadow box art

In fact, we might need to also make a sign that says… “in case of party emergency, break here for balloons!” Yup. That would make this project perfect…

fun Shadow box art

Balloon shadow box art

How to fill a shadow box art

How to make the shadow box artwork you will need: shadow box frames (like this one – or this one), our printable shadow box art templates (if you want to make one of these three designs), white poster board, and a pile of whatever it is you are planning on filling the shadow boxes with.

To make the cake sprinkle shadowbox artwork, the confetti star artwork, or the balloon artwork you can print our free shadow box art template right here.

Trace the template (or freehand your own template) onto the center of a piece of white poster board. Cut out the inside of the template only. Then measure your poster board to the glass from your frame and cut to size.

Place the poster board against the glass (it’s best to do this part on a stable surface, like the dining room table). Fill in the back with whatever goodies you want to place inside. Gently lift the entire frame up so you can see the front and adjust as needed while filling. Once the goodies are all inside and the front of the frame looks how you want, stuff a little more in the bottom. Do this because once the frames are vertical they will settle a bit and everything will gently move down about an inch.

Put the backs on the frames and hang for a fun art display the whole family will love.

party Shadow box art

how to fill a shadow box

This shadow box art project is great for corralling all the different collections my kids seem to keep these days. The idea would be adorable in a nursery with small stuffed animals, or cute baby blocks too. They could even be filled with something a bit more grown up like maybe matches with a large graphic match print, a beer bottle print with a bunch of bottle caps inside, or a huge art piece out of cassette tapes in a boom box print. Okay… that idea would be rad over the sofa. Be prepared to see it soon.

In the meantime crazier, festive decorating ideas right here.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland).

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