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shampoo bottle craft caddies

Shampoo bottle craft caddies

Teaching the kids to craft sustainably is such a fun summer challenge. I love the chance to show them how one thing, like a shampoo bottle, can be completely transformed with just a few simple craft supplies. It’s like magic to a five year old!

The twins helped me craft these caddies for Unilever Project Sunlight and I quickly saw how easy it can be to teach the kids about reusing and recycling. The shampoo bottle caddies are a great project for corralling all the little doo-dads and party leftovers in the play room.

Now every time I go to throw something out, we have a kid-prompted conversation concerning what it could become, and “can we keep that mom?”. My garage may not thank me for this.

Craft caddies made from shampoo bottles

Shampoo bottle craft caddies

Making the shampoo bottle caddies is simple enough that the kids can easily help. To make them you will need a stash of shampoo bottles (or really any type of bottle – lotion, sunscreen etc will work). Save them up throughout the summer. You will also need fun printed fabric and Mod Podge.

Shampoo bottle craft caddies

Shampoo bottle craft caddies

Start by cutting off the top of the shampoo bottle just underneath the neck. Then cut a length of fabric to fit around the bottle. Use Mod Podge to adhere the fabric to the bottle, being careful to smooth out any bubbles as you go. Once the bottle is covered, trim the top to about 1/4 inch and turn in before adhering with more of the sealant.

Hang on the wall with string tied around the top, or with hot glue (my method of choice!). Fill the caddies with trinkets and doo-dads for a clutter free and sustainable summer.

Shampoo bottle craft caddies

Visit Unilever Project Sunlight site to see all four summer craft projects – they will all be great to keep those little hands busy this summer.

(This post is done in promotional partnership with Unilever).

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