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sharpie traced dish towels

Kid traced dish towels make a great present for grandparents and teachers.

Some things never change in the history of my family – like handmade Christmas presents from the kids, grandma’s love for artwork, and enjoying a glass of milk during after school snack. It’s no wonder the tradition of a glass of milk daily has been passed down for generations. With 9 essential nutrients and the ability to help hair, nails, bones, and sleep, milk is a tradition that we are definitely continuing.

Since the holiday season fast approaching, I’ve been dreaming up crafty presents for our family. To combine grandma’s love for artwork and the nostalgia of creative kitchen towels, we came up with this really fun after school gift project. Sharpie traced dish towels make great presents for the whole family and can be whipped up during afternoon snack time.

Sharprie traced dish towels

The Sharpie traced dish towels are a creative way to incorporate color and design onto fabric. If you remember our Sharpie text pillow cases, this is the same concept, but with kid’s artwork included. My daughter loves to draw. Like 100 papers everywhere everyday loves to draw. So an artwork gift from her makes total sense.

To create the artwork dish towels you’ll need white dish towels and a handful of colorful Sharpies. They now sell specific fabric sharpies which I recommend for the constant washing dish towels receive.

We took a selection of her favorite drawings and traced them onto the dish towels. Just place the drawing underneath and begin tracing. A set of these towels for any parent/grandparent/teacher or family member will definitely make their holidays more sweet.

Homemade dish towels with kid's artwork.

DIY kid's dish towels

Although this gift can’t be beat in its adorableness using kid’s artwork, it works for any type of design. Grow the present up with artwork of your own, or write in text like we did on the Sharpie print pillows. A colorful Happy Holidays (download the text right here) will make the present suitable for hostess gifts and gussying up your own kitchen with crafty seasonal greetings.

DIY Dish Towel present

DIY dish towel

The Sharpie traced dish towels were a great after school project to work on with our snack and glass of milk. Milk has played a big role in the traditions passed down in my family, and like homemade Christmas presents, it is a tradition I plan to continue passing down. Milk gives my kids healthy fuel for all their creating, dreaming and playing.

This post is brought to you by got milk? Drink to a brighter future.

(Photography by Joeclyn Noel for A Subtle Revelry)


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