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simple party | masked in the woods

I have been loving more simple party ideas lately. The trend of doing party designs that are over the top, although sometimes having a place, have given way in my heart to a love for more casual (more subtle!) affairs. Especially, when dealing with kids design.

There is a sweetness you can find in planning events that are low key and focused on simple elements that they will truly love. Parties that have a richer meaning behind the reason for celebrating then vibrancy of decor. I really do think these are the events and the moments that our kids will cherish.

With all these thoughts in my mind, I was so pleased when I stumbled across this very simple, adorable party that Tracey hosted to celebrate the day her eldest boys were adopted. She set up a chipped table out in the woods and had felt crowns and funny animal masks laid out for the boys. They had breakfast together on paper plates underneath simple paper triangles pinned up with clothes pins for bunting. The whole event looks like so much fun!

Photography by Tracey Lynne.



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