15 Simple Summer Bucket List Must Do’s

When summer comes around it can seem like day after day of boredom if you do not have any plans.

A summer bucket list is a great way to ensure you have a phenomenal summer full of great activities to remember for a lifetime.

Some activities can only be done in summer so having a summer bucket list ensures you get to do all these activities and more before summer is done.

Here is our summer bucket list, full of fun activities for you to try.

Our Top 15 Simple Summer Bucket List Items

1. Visit And Amusement Park

Visit And Amusement Park

There is something about being at an amusement park on a hot summer’s day enjoying all the rollercoasters and water rides that sends the adrenaline spiking.

It is a fun day out and enjoyable for the whole family. If you are not sure where to head, check the link for the top 100 amusement parks in the world so you can add a bucket list extreme item to your list.

2. Go On A Picnic

If you want to have a summer bucket list then going on a picnic needs to be on there.

Sitting under the shade of a tree enjoying some delicious treats on a picnic blanket is a great way to spend the day during your summer.

If you need a picnic set check out our top pick in the link to make sure you are kitted out for your next picnic.

3. Play On A Slip And Slide

When it is hot out all you want to do is cool off and a slip and slide is a super fun way to do that.

This can be a summer bucket list kids item that adults can enjoy as well.

We have a fun slip and slide option that includes 2 bodyboards and will give your family endless fun throughout summer and you can tick off a bucket list item.

4. Start A Herb Garden

Making sure you take your time during summer useful as well as fun is a priority for some. Having a summer bucket list DIY option is a must.

This indoor herb starter kit is a great summer project that can form part of your bucket list but can also leave you with a great herb garden when your summer is done.

5. A Day At The Beach

What would summer be without a day at the beach?

Too often this simple activity can be forgotten off a summer bucket list and you don’t make it to the beach as often as you planned.

This great sand-proof beach blanket will ensure you have plenty of days of sun, sea, and fun while checking another item off the list.

6. Nap In A Hammock

Another great summer bucket list outdoor activity is to have a nap in a hammock. Having a snooze in the open is a relaxing way to pass the time.

We have a great hammock option for you if you do not have one already, so you can take part in this summer bucket list choice.

7. Have A Water Balloon Fight

When looking for a creative way to cool off over summer, look no further than a water balloon fight. This is another gem to add to the summer bucket list for kids that everyone can partake in.

This water balloon quick fill bunch will ensure that you have plenty of ammunition to keep everyone soaking wet during your water balloon fight.

8. Play Disc Golf

Spending time outdoors sometimes needs physical activity to go along with it. Playing disc golf is a classic physical activity option to add to your summer bucket list. This disc golf set will ensure you have hours of fun outside while completing your list.

9. Go Water Skiing

Water sports are tremendous to do during the summer. Adding water skiing to your summer bucket list extreme options is the way to go to include water sports on the lineup.

These water skis are a cute selection for you to use to complete this activity of the bill.

10. Have A Fun BBQ

What would summertime be without a fun BBQ? Having a BBQ is a super way to do an item on your bucket list with friends.

If you are short of a great BBQ we have you covered with this basic Weber charcoal grill to enjoy this one to the fullest.

11. Make A Bonfire

You may feel a bonfire is more suited to a winter bucket list than a summer one but who doesn’t love that warm feeling of visiting around a roaring fire.

We have a great set of marshmallow roasting sticks to enjoy one of the most fun parts of a bonfire.

12. Read A Best Seller

Reading is so relaxing and it is an amazing way to pass the time during the summer months.

Reading a best seller is an enriching summer bucket list item that will be a valuable way to spend your summer days. We have a full list of best sellers for you to choose from to cross this one-off.

13. Fly A Kite

The simple option for a summer bucket list, of flying a kite brings joy to the kite flyer and anyone joining them.

A beautiful colorful kite, like our selection, will be so pretty to watch blowing in the air and great fun to fly.

14. Make Your Own Ice Cream

Ice cream is a delicious way to cool off during summer. Making your own ice cream is a creative bucket list DIY item that your stomach will thank you for. We have an affordable ice cream maker option that can bring you joy all summer long.

15. Go Camping

Classic summer activity is to go camping, another phenomenal bucket list outdoor selection.

Wherever you decide to go camping you will be needing a tent, we have a 4 personal family tent option that will make your camping experience so worthwhile.

Whether you want to do something extreme or relaxing over this summer, having a summer bucket list will help ensure you maximize every moment.

You could do something DIY that you can be proud of or have the experience of a lifetime one thing is certain: summer bucket lists will make your summer truly magical.