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painted candles + small details

simple painted candles | A Subtle Revelry

This week has been filled with major projects at home. We’ve been renovating what will become my office/studio (here’s the before shot), and putting together the rest of the heavier pieces in our new home. It feels good to make large scale progress, but all the work has made me long for the simple little details that make a space pretty. These painted candles I designed for Julep are a perfect antidote – and a nice small scale project to brighten up your weekend, the full tutorial right here.

Here are a few other simple projects to brighten up your weekend;

Jurrassic corn cob holders

A strawberry rose pie

Gorgeous artwork free to download (via poppytalk)

A succulent planter box that is pretty enough to gift

Ribbon ties that will make any summer sandle party ready

DIY Father’s Day photo wrap

On a more random note; Did you know that the song, “Happy Birthday” has a copyright?

And a funny list of surrogate fathers we all knew

Also, I’m guest pinning for Etsy this week, follow along right here.

Have a wonderful weekend. xoxo


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  1. Beautiful candles. That would be a great way to personalize a party in a unique way. And, I DID know that Happy Birthday was copyrighted. I did several years as a server at restaurants that sang their own “Happy Birthday” song version because they were not allowed to sing the copyrighted song. I remember rolling my eyes in training when we spent half a day learning how to sing some silly song just because we couldn’t sing Happy Birthday!

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