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Making The Soccer Sidelines Festive

This post has been sponsored by Johnson & Johnson. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

It’s spring soccer season, which means I’m out spending a lot of time on the sidelines cheering my boy on. I adore soccer (in fact, I played it most of my childhood), but let’s be honest… the sidelines can get a little slow some days. To make every game more fun, I’ve created a bag filled with everything I need to be comfy & festive as we watch the ball whizz by on the sidelines this spring.

And since I’m such an avid soccer lover both of my own game & my kids, I am really excited about telling you that Johnson & Johnson, the U.S. Soccer Federation, and the U.S. Soccer Foundation are teaming up to provide the next generation of female leaders with the inspiration and support they need to pursue their dreams. Together, we can help her reach those goals. Because she can.

Johnson & Johnson is supporting the next generation of female leaders on and off the field by working with the U.S. Soccer Foundation to create the ‘Because She Can’ Innovation Fund. Your support helps give thousands of girls access to soccer programs.

Such an important cause and one worthy of bringing balloons to the field obviously!

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Taking my self care into consideration, even when I’m out there for the kids, is super important. A little LISTERINE® mouthwash makes sure my coffee I just finished doesn’t affect any of the conversations I’m having with the other sideline moms. NEOSPORIN® for cuts, stings and blisters is something I always keep on hand—soccer or not. It’s surprising how useful it is to have this little tube in my bag every day. And lastly, Neutrogena® sunscreen always needs to be on hand as our mountain desert sun starts that summer burn again.

Keeping supplies handy that keep me at my best allow me to be the fun and playful mom I know my kids hope to see cheering them along on the sidelines.


In my festively fun soccer bag, I also pack pencils & paper for jotting down fun thoughts and encouragements to my son. I found I was often seeing something great during a game but then quickly forgetting it as the day rushed on. Now after a game, he will often get a couple little notes sharing things I really loved about how he played. I like to think these inspire him to be a better player & kid.

It’s by simple support, like encouraging notes, and bigger support, like what Johnson & Johnson is doing, that will make the next generation thrive on the field and off the field.

I always bring a fun blanket along for the game. I’ve never been the type of soccer mom to lug in large chairs or a canopy, but a brightly colored blanket keeps me comfy and brightens up the sideline while I watch the game.

And obviously, we pack balloons for the fun. Whether I’m blowing them up to shower my boy with festive celebration after a win or distracting the other kids on the sidelines with a fun “ball” to toss around, being the mom who packs balloons for everyday occasions makes the games better for everyone. It’s the little ways we celebrate, even the daily things and the simple ways—like donating today, that we can support the youth we care so much about that makes life fun.

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