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Soft pretzel party invitations

Soft pretzel party invites

I have become slightly obsessed with the idea of throwing a soft pretzel party this fall. After sharing my sneaky trick to making amazing soft pretzel for a party appetizer at home last year – I’ve been seeing them popping up everywhere! Melanie found the best soft pretzel balloons and setting out large trays of them with dipping sauces seems like such an easy way to host a gathering this fall.

From a play date filled with kids to an evening cocktail party – everyone loves a good soft pretzel.

Use this fun, printable invitation to invite everyone over this fall and host your own soft pretzel party!

Soft pretzel invitations

Soft pretzel party invitations

Print all the party details on the backside of these colorful soft pretzel invitations and fill them with miniature pretzels for a surprise treat.

Soft pretzel party invitations

To make the soft pretzel party invitations you will need; a color printer, Adobe Reader (free download), vellum paper, A4 plain printing paper, scissors, double sided tape, marker and optionally mini pretzels for filling the invites with.

Step 1: Download the printable soft pretzel invitation PDF file onto your computer. Please use Adobe Reader to open the file as it will not work with any other software.

Soft pretzel invites

Step 2: Print the pages with front and back sides of the pretzel onto vellum or tracing paper using the standard printer setting on plain paper.
Step 3: Print the white insert part of the pretzel onto plain printing paper.
Step 4: Using scissors and cut the invites according to the dotted lines.

Printable soft pretzel invites

Step 5: Put double sided tape onto the back of the pretzel with boxes to write on, and stick the white insert on it.
Step 6: Put smaller double sided tape around half of the pretzel, and stick the front and back part together, leaving the top part open.
Step 7: Write down the details of the party.
Step 8: Fill it up with some mini pretzels (this is optional), and close the top part with double sided tape.

Free printable soft pretzel invitations

Now let’s get partying… twisted pretzel style;)

(Graphic design and photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Wita Puspita).

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