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soft pretzels for the party appetizer win


By far the best party appetizer I know of is a soft pretzel. I’m not certain I know a single person who does not like soft pretzels. Do you? They can be served a hundred different ways – although my favorite way to serve them is with sesame seeds and spicy mustard. Pretzels are a constant party go-to of mine for starting things off right.

I recently learned that you can buy the pretzel dough they sell behind the food counter at Costco/Sam’s Club uncooked (just like the churros!). We grabbed a package of it for our last party and it was a hit! The pretzels have that perfect buttery bread flavor everyone loves. Purchasing the dough pre-made and unfrozen is such an easy update for our gatherings. A nice cooking break in the midst of a very busy fall.

You can make any shape pretzels with the dough, I love this look of large circle for a modern take on the beloved appetizer. Sprinkled with a dried spice and served with your most favorite dipping sauce – soft pretzels for the party win, every time!

The best party appitizer - pretzels

Before I learned this pre-bought dough trick, I used this favorite recipe for making our pretzel dough perfect every time. It takes a bit more work, but is definitely worth the time. We also tried a gluten free pretzel recipe recently and it was pretty great – I loved the idea of giving the dough a baking soda bath to maintain the correct coloring.

I’ve been on a party appetizer kick lately – we even had friends over just for apps and zerts last weekend (thank you Tom Haverford), which was way easier than dinner and also more fun! Find more easy party appetizers by checking out my latest Foodie collection Meatless Party Appetizers at

(Photography © Mosuno/Stocksy United)

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    • Melanie, Thanks:) I bought our stash from Costco and ours looked toasty and fine without the baking soda bath – I think they must put something extra in their dough! I’d just ask though how they prepare them to be sure. You could always do the bath anyway to be safe, it won’t hurt them. Hope that helps. xoxo

  1. I will be making small and bite size version of this pretzel for the kids. I am planning for our Easter sunday and this is perfect as appetizer though the kids might get full even before they eat their main dish.

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