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Sparkling Spider Cocktail

Since it’s almost Halloween a sparkling spider cocktail seems just about the right thing to serve! I am gushing over this idea and I served it at a dinner party the other night and everyone was equally as grossed out and they were impressed. :) That is definitely a Halloween planning win.

Sparkling Spider Cocktails

Sparkling Spider Cocktail Recipe

The sparkling spider cocktail can be fun to set around the table, top sweets with, and place into drinks… but I think the most fun idea is to freeze them to make spider ball ice cubes!

 Spider Cocktail

A few more spooky spider projects

Sparkling Spider Cocktail Ice Cubes

How to make a spider cocktail

Sparkling Spider Cocktail

To make this fun sparkling spider cocktail you will need:


Sparkling Spiders

1. Paint the spiders with the food spray paint and sprinkle food safe glitter on them, this way they can safely go into your spider cocktail. Allow them to fully dry before using. If you want to make this without buying the food spray, soak the spiders in food coloring for a painting option.

2. Freeze the spiders into ice cube makers and use for sparkling cocktails filled with fun! Just be sure guests know while safe to touch the drinks they are not in fact edible.

DIY Sparkling Spider Cocktail

Take a sip of your sparkling spider cocktail and toast to a creepy crawling Halloween!

PS. A different way to glitter an ice cube.


  • best thesis writing service
    November 2, 2016 at 4:00 am

    woow spider man. This si a good idea use food spray paint and sprinkle food safe glitter . I interested this work. Children will happy with these activity. Freeze the spiders makes it fit on the shape.

  • William
    August 11, 2017 at 1:42 am

    Beautiful idea!! I loved it.

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