Now that it is officially fall! We are kicking off our Halloween fun this year with costumes, pumpkins and all the spooky, but mostly colorful, ways we love to celebrate this time of year. You can see all of our favorite costumes and designs from previous years like the famous cotton candy Halloween costume or my favorite birthday cake Halloween costume over on the Halloween page – right here.

This year we’re kicking it off with a sparkly heart emoji Halloween costume that would work for mom, but is PERFECT for baby! The costume is soft and basically like a pillow, which is perfect for that phase when baby won’t have anything scratchy near her delicate skin. The sparkly heart emoji can be placed on a onsie like we have it or snapped onto a backpack carrier – great for a night out trick-or-treating with the older kids.

Since your baby has your heart and all the sparkles — this sparkly heart emoji costume is obviously the best option for Halloween. To transform the idea into a matching piece for mom or older kids, just make 5-6 of the sparkly heart emojis and snap them onto your own outfit for the night.

Sparkly Heart Emoji Costume

To make the sparkly heart emoji costume you will need:

  • white onesie
  • purple felt
  • batting
  • gold Mylar tissue paper
  • hot glue
  • velcro with adhesive backing

1. Cut small heart out of purple felt (x2).
2. Lay hearts on top of each other and hot glue along the edge, leaving a few inches unfinished.
3. Fold heart inside out and fill with batting. Hot glue along the opening to close it up.

4. Fold Mylar in half and cut out star shapes in varying sizes so you have two of each size. We also used this concept to make our mini mylar balloons, see more on how to do it right here.
5. Hot glue along the edge leaving a few inches unfinished.
6. Fill with batting and hot glue along the opening, then hot glue the small felt sparkles onto the heart.
8. Attach adhesive Velcro to the back of the felt heart and front of the baby onesie and attach the felt heart onto the onesie.

PS. 2 crafty Halloween costumes for kids.

(Thanks to Erin for bringing her sweet baby over. Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Ali Denney.)