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DIY glitter heels that can cure winter blues

Inside: Bold and sparkly DIY glitter heels to go with any outfit!

Winter can bring with it a gloom that makes it hard to want to get dressed up and celebrate. Which is why I love the awesome trend of wearing sparkly heels. It doesn’t take much to turn a winter gloom around – a dose of sparkle here, or a sprinkling of glitter there. These sparkly heels are a necessary party project this time of year. Revive an old pair of heels and create these head turning, party hopping, sparkly heels. Silver sparkly heels, gold sparkly heels, DIY glitter heels or even hot pink sparkly heels are amazing for bringing a little party spunk that will brighten the winter gloom.

DIY glitter heels

Sparkly heels


What color makes a statement during the colder months?

Any color you choose will make a bright statement during the gloomiest month of the year – maybe they’ll even inspire you to brave the cold, go out and celebrate!

DIY sparkly heels

These gold sparkly heels are a favorite of mine. The heels are fully covered to ensure your party style is bright and bling-filled. The trick to the gorgeous look? A double dose of glitter in two similar colors – genius! Try it yourself and fancy up any sort of winter party attire.

Peep sole sparkly heels

Silver sparkly heels that are peeking out from underneath are perfect for a subtle look that will bring delight to your winter wardrobe. To get this peeking out look the DIY glitter heels are taped off before applying the glitter coat only to the sole of the shoe. Kick your legs up a bit while walking and spread the sparkly cheer!

Make your own DIY glitter heels

To make your own DIY glitter heels in any color imaginable start with a thin layer of acrylic sealant on the shoe. You can mix a sealant like Mod Podge with a fabric medium if you are covering the entire shoe. Mix it about 70% sealant and 30% fabric medium. This allows the glitter to adhere to the fabric. If you are sparkling up the soles only, just a thin layer of sealant directly on the sole will work wonderfully.

Big sequin sparkly heels

Next, apply the glitter. You will want to use a dust thin glitter for the best coverage. Unless you are going for a major dose of bling on your DIY glitter sparkly heels like these amazing ones by Love Maegan.

To get the best coverage to use a large paintbrush to apply the glitter in thin layers on the shoe. Four to five thin layers of glitter look better than one thick layer that can get gloppy and easily begin to lose its shimmer.

Allow your new sparkly heels to fully dry, then coat one last time with a thin layer of acrylic sealant to set the design in.

DIY Sparkly heels


To transform your heel to a bigger bolder look

Try out even larger bling by using sequins or beads instead of glitter for making sparkly heels that have an extra fun edge. Use fabric glue instead of acrylic sealant to get this festive party heel look.

Take your new gold sparkly heels/silver sparkly heels / any color sparkly heels out on the town for a winter night that is anything but gloomy.

sparkly flats

Heels not your style? Try sparkly flats for just as much festive fun without all the height.

(Photography by Go Jane, A Pair and a Spare, Tanya McQueen, Love Maegan, We are Adventures/Stocksy International and Tina Fussell).

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