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Typography etch wine glasses diy

A tutorial on how to temporarily make your wine glasses speak! In this etch wine glasses diy we use typography for a festive party statement. Because they are fabulous, easy to make, basically free and will give your party that extra touch of lovely-

etch wine glasses diy

Add a word to your wine glass, or milk glass, or really any type of glass- even a glass bottle for a baby shower, that would certainly be lovely.

Start with a stenciling of the word you will etch. The stencils need to be plastic for this project, because of the materials used paper would just dissolve.

To do the etch wine glasses diy use a small brush or a finger to apply a thin coast of corn-syrup to the outside of the glass. Apply the line just wide and tall enough for your stencils. Then place the stencils down (they will stick into the syrup) and gently tap a small spoon of cinnamon over the stencils, working with one letter at a time.

Cover the stencil completely and pat down firmly with your finger. After it sets, quickly turn the glass over to tap off any excess spice.

Once your word is complete, cover the top of the glass with paper and spray a slight midst of hair spray over the word to set it in place. It will stay put throughout your party and will look extra lovely with a guest’s drink swirling around inside.

Plus the best news, after your event just throw all the glasses in the dishwasher. Swish… swoosh… and it is gone, back to the clear and spotless glasses you have always known.

etch wine glasses diy

Enjoy speaking through your glassware.


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  1. Hi,
    I LOVE Love this idea!! How AMAZING!! What a clever little cookie!! I only have one question …. what paper do you use?? Is it baking paper and does this permanently stay on or is it used to pat down and then removed and then spray with hairspray??
    We are having a wine tasting night and l think this would look Amazing!!

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