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splatter paint balloons

Splatter paint balloons

I’ve got one last splatter paint project to share. While creating our splatter paint tablecloth and napkins, I realized how pretty the paint would look on a set of white balloons. The result is a festive party look with minimal effort.

I like to think of splatter paint as art for the more lazy inclined. It’s a great way to instantly create a party vibe.

Splatter paint balloons

Splatter paint balloons

splatter paint balloons

Any project must be simple when the instructions take only a sentance: Fill the brush with paint and flick your wrist at the balloons. Splatter paint done.

How to splatter paint

The paint colors can be chosen based on your party concept. With our earlier splatter projects I used a more varied color palette – this time we stuck with a couple similar shades. Although I love both palettes, sticking with similar shades gives the project a more grown-up look.

When painting, it’s easiest to lay one canvas down on the floor, and another canvas hanging behind the balloons to protect surrounding surfaces while you flick. To paint the balloons I separated them, weighted them down with coffee cans, and got painting. Quick tip: change out the balloon string after painting to have clean, no-drip balloon strings.

Splatter paint balloons

I plan to take a break from splatter painting for a few weeks… but I cannot promise, it is seriously just to fun!

PS. Another festive balloon painting idea.

(Photography by Jocelyn Noel for A Subtle Revelry)

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