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splatter paint paper party decor

Splatter paint tablecloth

Have you noticed the recent trend towards splatter paint? I’ve started seeing it popping up lately and just keep smiling that same, jean-overalls-are-back-in-style nostalgic smile. There’s nothing like getting to craft a trend that I loved creating in school. Bring it all back!

The thing about splatter paint is that it is super addicting. It is simple, festive and I do believe I’ve become obsessed. In fact, I have three different splatter paint projects to share this week. Once I started, I just could not stop! Not to sound crazy or anything, but my walls might be next.

For now, I am thrilled at how these splatter paint 90s party decorations came out. Paper napkins, a paper tablecloth, a couple wrist flicks, and you’ll have an instant party on your hands… Guaranteed.

Splatter paint paper napkins

To make the napkins we used simple white paper napkins, they look amazing when splattered with bright, festive colors. Painted projects are great for parties, because the paint can be done in any color you’d like – take our bright and festive directions and make them moody in shades of blue for a dusk lit dinner, or use the couples wedding colors for a bright and unexpected wedding shower touch.

Splatter paint tablecloth

DIY splatter paint party decorations

The directions for splatter painting are wildly easy, perfect for hot summer afternoons. Make sure you paint in a well protected area (outside is best) since the splatters tend to fly.

Start with a couple paint brushes and paints set out in bowls or plates. Dip the brush in the paint and use your wrist to flick the paints onto the paper. Continue dipping and flicking with different colors to create this look. It won’t be perfect, but it will be pretty.

Splatter paint party

For the napkins; fold out the paper napkin onto a canvas before splatter painting. Hang to dry. Fold up and stack for guests to enjoy.

For the tablecloth; use a large white piece of paper, we had some of our old photo backdrop left, or use a plain white paper tablecloth. Dip, splatter, and lay out to dry. Cut the paper to have a straight edge before lining your table with it. Summer party sweets will easily pop on this festive table top design.

how to splatter paint

More splatter projects coming soon! It’s really fun to get this excited about a new technique. xoxo

(Photography by Jocelyn Noel for A Subtle Revelry)


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