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sponge stamped wrapping paper

Sponge stamped wrapping paper

I found a few sponges lying around the house not getting any use (because you know how much I LOVE to clean) and I decided they could be living a much more glamorous life being used to apply pretty paint to paper.

With this fun sponge painting technique we can create wrapping paper, artwork, cards, awesome fabric… really anything! Wrapping paper is a fun and festive way to start playing around with the stamping process. It’s perfect for distracting yourself from that other pesky thing the sponge might otherwise be used for.

Stamp wrapping paper with a kitchen sponge.

Sponge stamped wrapping paper

Stamp wrapping paper with a kitchen sponge and cookie cutters!

To make the sponge painted wrapping paper you will need; sponges, cookie cutters, paper and paint.

Begin by fitting the cookie cutter to the sponge, cut as needed. Then simply dip the sponge with the cookie cutter into your choice of paint, blot if needed, and stamp away creating a new, personalized paper design.

To create the color contrast that we used, choose one base color plus an accent. The sponge is easy to clean, just let it dry before beginning to stamp the second color. Or use two sponges for an even quicker process.

Since the sponge is porous, it leaves an abstract print so this project is not good for those of you who need straight laced lines. But as an artistic print – I can’t get enough of it! Parrots, cows and Scotties is where we began – search your local thrift store, or Etsy for creative cookie cutters and make a batch of these personalized beauties for any party, or gift giving whim.

Sponge stamped wrapping

Sponge stamped wrapping

Just be careful, the stamping gets addictive. Soon you might be buying presents just for the fun of wrapping them!

PS. You could always stamp your wrapping paper with vegetables, that’s fun too.

(Photography by Jocelyn Noel for A Subtle Revelry).

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