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spray painted ribbon wedding favors

Spray painted ribbon

Matt and I are sneaking out of town to celebrate our 11 year anniversary this weekend. In some ways, I cannot believe it’s been 11 years already. Our wedding was one of my favorite days. Ever.

We got married before I was a blogger.

Before blogs even existed. Before great detail-oriented, natural wedding photography existed. Our wedding book is filled with posed family portraits and candid dance shots (which was crazy cutting edge for the day).

Although I worked for months crafting and designing every last detail of our wedding – inspired by my own, paper pinboards and magazine cut-outs. There are no photos of the details.

Not a single shot of the amazing Italian cookie bar, that was dreamed up before dessert bars were a thing. Not a shot of the hand burned paper-covered candles, the chair ties hand sewn by my mother or the individually embossed save-the-dates. Not a photo to be seen of the painted ribbon favor boxes.

Spray painted ribbon

Spray painted ribbon

In remembrance of all the undocumented details, I was super excited to get painting on this fun wedding favor project. It is the same basic concept we used to paint and craft favors for hundreds of our wedding guests.

Fancy ribbon costs a fortune, but a colorful ribbon comes inexpensively by the roll. For pretty wedding and party favors buy rolls of ribbon in your favorite colors, tape off lines, designs, even stenciled letters, and add paint for a personalized touch that your guests will remember. Photos or not.

Spray painted ribbon

Spray painted ribbon

When Rust-Oleum ® asked me to do a campaign showing their newest paint used for a wedding project I immediately knew what to create. They’re not kidding about the Universal part – this paint worked wonderfully on my ribbon and I loved holding the new (much more comfy) nozzle.

What was your favorite detail from your wedding day? Was it photographed well? I’d love to hear.

Rust-Oleum®’s NeverWet® contains breakthrough technology that protects virtually any surfaces with a superhydrophobic treatment that dramatically repels water, mud, ice, and other liquids.

Rust-Oleum ® Universal® Spray Paints offer a variety of on-trend colors and unique finishes and boast the first-of-its-kind 360-degree any-angle delivery system that allows DIYers to tackle those hard to reach areas, even upside down.

This post is sponsored by Rust-Oleum ® Universal® Spray Paints. Thanks for supporting our site sponsors.

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