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The Best Trolls Birthday Party Ideas Ever!

Inside: The best Trolls birthday party ideas, including Troll’s cupcakes and the cutest Trolls cake topper!

On the scale of movies, our family is excited about, the Trolls release is pretty high up there. My kids are obsessed and I’m in nostalgic heaven watching and remembering my own collection as a child. We’re preparing for a Trolls birthday party and a making trolls cake topper for our trolls cupcakes to celebrate! Even though we already watched the movie once in the theatre. Something about inviting friends over to watch it with our fun trolls birthday party ideas at home is an entirely new experience.

The best trolls birthday party everTrolls Birthday Party

Trolls Birthday Party

We whipped up a bright trolls birthday party featuring mini trolls cupcake toppers & rainbow sprinkle dyed cupcakes and used my favorite trick of unrolling a package of wrapping paper on the table to create an easy Trolls backdrop for the party. Whenever we need a fun tablecloth for a party, I find a wrapping paper that fits the bill and just rolls it out. The paper can instantly transform our dining room and costs only a couple bucks to do. This way I also don’t feel bad when it has to be immediately thrown out after the party, because of messy kids and spilled drinks.

Topping sprinkle dyed cupcakes with actual mini trolls dolls as the trolls cake toppers have them do double duty as birthday party favors! Just make sure you wash the bottom of the dolls thoroughly before sticking them into frosting that the kids will devour.

Trolls cupcakes

Trolls Birthday Party Favors

Trolls cake topper

Trolls Cake Toppers & Trolls Cupcakes

trolls birthday party idea

How to throw a Trolls Birthday Party

I would definitely suggest a viewing of the new DreamWorks Trolls DVD at your trolls birthday party. Also, enjoy a batch of these colorful sprinkle cupcakes for. The DVD will release on February 7.

Ps. Other fun trolls birthday party ideas might include Unicorn Toast, Confetti balloons and this fun fabric twister game.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Ashlyn Savannah Photo).


  • Eva @ Restaurantji
    February 14, 2017 at 12:04 pm

    I love these cupcakes!! These were light, fluffy and delicious! I added a bit of lemon zest in each cupcake (I can not live without). By the way I liked your design of article it’s cute

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