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Sprinkles + pancakes on a Saturday

This post is sponsored by Kohl’s.

Birthday pancakes

With the kids in school this year, and my work schedule mirroring theirs, Saturdays have become a bit of a haven for us. I love our lingering mornings to sleep in and hang out together. We try to do something extra special for breakfast on Saturday mornings and I’ve recently decided there is no reason to not pull in a bit of revelry into this time.

I mean why shouldn’t every day be celebrated? #DailyRevelry – make everyday a party even if it’s the smallest detail. I bet it will change our entire outlook on life.

If you are going to make pancakes anyway – why not finish them off with sprinkles and candles?!? Simple things that make all of our eyes open a little wider… that is what Saturdays and special moments everyday are for.

Saturday brunch

Casual family pancake brunch

Fruit loop tic-tac-toe

Fruit loop tic-tac-toe

Playing tic-tac-toe with a ceramic egg carton brings out the competitive side in us all and is a simple way to enjoy the family moment. Leaving boxes of cereal stacked in baskets the night before, using unbreakable plastic cups and plates, and setting out bowls of fruit washed and ready to eat make for an easy morning for us parents. During a week when we all sprint from bed, lazy and fun Saturday mornings are a tradition we all treasure.

Birthday pancakes

Birthday pancakes

The perfect pancake recipe gets even better when whip cream, sprinkles and candles are added. Who says you need a birthday to get to make a candle wish? Of all the things our kids will remember from growing up, I surely hope a spirit of festive whimsy is one they will not soon forget. Celebrating the little things makes life feel incredibly rich.

Familiy brunch

family brunch

Birthday pancakes

Whether it’s new coffee cups, great kid-friendly serve ware, a perfectly basic cake stand, bowls for fruit, or funky elements like this adorable sheep planter we repurposed to hold bananas – Kohl’s has everything I need to turn a normal Saturday morning into a festive and special family moment. #DailyRevelry is what we are all after.

This post is done in promotional partnership with Kohl’s.

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