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stamping with rubberbands

Stamping with rubberbands is an easy way to update just about anything in our homes. The process is very simple and the result is festive and fun! A great way to make napkins, shirts and wrapping paper come alive. Here are six fun ideas, and a quick tutorial, on how to stamp with rubberbands.

Start with rubberbands in varying shapes and sizes and wrap them around an acrylic stamp block in any pattern you choose. For these projects we used linear patterns and bold colored stamp pads to create graphic displays.

To create the best stamps on wrapping paper – and gift tags – use water based dye stamp pads. These pads adhere well to paper and give a more clean lined effect.

For fabric stamping, the best way to create a solid design is to use fabric stamp ink pads. Wash and dry your fabric first, then stamp your design.  After the ink dries, heat set it from the back side with an iron and your napkin or shirt will be ready for the washer and dryer!

Project and photography by Tina Fussell for A Subtle Revelry.


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  1. What a great DIY! Pretty easy and very creative! I really like the fabric stamp idea! Will be trying that out to make some original tees :) Thanks for sharing!

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