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Sticker Decorated Pumpkins

I love easy ways to decorate pumpkins. I am all for busting our the knives when needed to carve a pineapple jack-o-lantern, but there is something awesome about not getting all gooey to create a gorgeous fall display. I know by how popular our push pin pumpkins are that you completely agree with me. Hooray! So this year we made it even easier with stickers.

Stickers + pumpkins = a display that is 100% awesome without any of the mess!

How do you decorate pumpkins? Decorating with stickers is an option even the youngest kids can participate in to create a look that is unique and fun! Plus, when you don’t actually carve into the pumpkins they can last on the patio all season long.

Sticker Decorated Pumpkins

To create the look you will need only two things! Pumpkins + stickers. It seems silly to even call this a DIY since it is so incredibly simple. Place the stickers on the pumpkins for a patch of messy-free fall awesome.

PS. Pool float pumpkins, birthday cake pumpkins and the prettiest painted pumpkins around!

(Video ©A Subtle Revelry by the team at Mabble Media).

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