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streamer egg hunt

We hosted a mini Easter morning while the grandparents were in town this week, it was fabulously simple and relaxed. For the kids I designed a streamer egg hunt. Each hidden egg was attached to a streamer that stretched throughout our house. The kids started at the begining of the streamers and followed them one by one to find the hidden eggs.

A few days prior we tried out the egg hunt and Carly Taylor took these sweet photos of the concept with her daughter as our first guinea pig. The little kids enjoyed the streamers just as much as they enjoyed the hidden eggs and it made for quite the festive showing throughout our home!

PS. Our simple Easter table.


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  1. What a great idea! We have footage somewhere of me and my brother being tots and me grabbing all the eggs before he could get there and him all dressed up in a little bow tie and dress pants bursting out in tears–streamers would have solved that problem!

    p.s. Love your simple easter table. So pretty and sweet!

    xo Mary Jo

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