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Super Fancy Striped Birthday Candles

Inside: Fancy striped birthday candles!

Making a birthday cake feel special doesn’t mean you have to be a fondant wiz. Paint a series of rugby lines onto store-bought party candles and instantly turn a simple cake into a festive treat.

fancy candles

striped candles

I love the look of creative fancy striped birthday candles but often cannot find them where I live. Creating easy ways to spruce up basic ones makes birthdays easy to celebrate. What I love most about these fancy birthday candles is that they are easy to make and really fun to use. They add that simple detail that will make any party feel gussied up and special.

fancy birthday candles

How to make fancy birthday candles

To make the striped candles, tape off wide rugby lines on any package of store-bought candles (I used longer candles, but it would work scaled down to regular sized candles as well). Use acrylic paint to fill in between the lines. I liked the look of painting grey, white, and copper lines onto the colorful candles. The idea is that there is a contrast in the candles, which creates drama and fun on the cake.

diy fancy candles

The party doesn’t stop here

Here are a few more fun birthday party DIYs to go with your fancy candles!

diy striped candles

Let us know in the comments what your favorite fancy birthday candles colors are!

Photography was done in collaboration with Jocelyn Noel Photography.


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  1. totally agree – simple and special things like super cute candles or a handmade cake topper can make any cake totally celebratory! :)

    love the rugby stripers!

  2. These are just beautiful and I will try them myself for the next family birthday. can you make any suggestions about where to buy the extra long candles? I find them tricky to locate and usually really expensive.

    Thanks C

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