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stuffed animal birthday invitations

Sending birthday invitations for a kids party can feel a bit like putting on lipstick before the gym, because really the interested party won’t even notice. That is until you send these adorable stuffed animal birthday invites that will get the attention of any kid and ensure their excitement for the big party day.

They are simple to put together and can be mailed with a stamp glued or stitched right on the animal (be sure to weigh and stamp yours accordingly). A cute something extra that will be remembered and played with often.

To make the stuffed animal birthday invitations using a piece of store bought felt; cut out a pair of animals that best matches your child’s birthday. I think the whale and the giraffe hold their shape exceptionally well in the mail. Hand stitch around the sides of the animal (use fabric glue underneath the hand stitch for a stronger hold) and stuff right at the end with a handful of batting. Tie off the stitch tightly.

Secure the address to one side and the party details to the other using linnen fabric and fabric glue. Be sure to check postal guidelines and weigh your animals before adhering the stamp. Glue or stitch the stamp onto each animal and drop in the mail for speedy delivery of glee and rsvps.


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