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Styled. Magazine Spring Issue

I am all knotted up with excitement to share this issue of Styled. magazine with you today!

It has been a great joy to put this magazine together. On every page you will find beautiful photos and spring celebration inspiration. The magazine is truly a testament to how amazing our design community is and I am pleased to bring you stories from California, New York and even Australia. Friends who have collaborated with me to share beauty and inspiration with you today.

Now that is a reason to celebrate! Thanks friends, it has been such a fun project.

See the next issue right here.

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  1. Oh my gosh!! I LOVE how Styled. turned out!! The layout is so crisp and clean and easy to read, and every picture is beautiful! You should be so proud, you did an amazing job!
    My favorite features were “140 Characters”, “Carded at the Door,” and “Wardrobe to Party”…but it is so hard to choose! :)

  2. WOW!!! This is so beautiful! My favorite is “Wardrobe to Party”, I can’t believe the amount of beauty and creativity contained in these pages!! “Tea for Two” was a close runner up, Chica is sooo darling in those photos!! Almost done gushing- bear with me- the drawings of the tables? Perfect. It is totally perfect, and I want to print it out. Are print copies for sale by chance??

    The necklace is so pretty but please do not enter me in the giveaway, I am still happily drowning in my giveaway loot from your “Celebrate Joy” design contest prize package :)

    Love your blog and this is a perfect magazine!

  3. I loved the sprinkle feature! It was so beautiful and creative! I have been known to eat just a spoonful (or two) of straight-up, unadulterated sprinkles, so it was kind of a no-brainer that I loved it.

  4. Wonderful magazine, will read through it more carefully soon. Loved 140 characters most of all. The styling and photography are inventive and fun. I did find quite a few typos, however, and that was just on a cursory reading.

  5. I love the simplistic style, and the personal touches you add throughout the magazine. I think the different style or background for each section was clever, and not too overbearing. You managed to make it look artsy and personalized while keeping a professional look. I think it is awesome. I know so many people who would want a copy of this!

    Thank you so much for the chance to enter the giveaway .. that’s how I found your blog which I love!

  6. What a beautiful magazine! I love the colors and the clean layout, and I will have to try the ideas in Tea for Two and Butterfly Picnic with my granddaughter. Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Wow what a pretty, clean looking style to this magazine. I loved scrolling through all the photos, and even the food looks too pretty to eat, like the breakfast burrito and the ice cream sprinkles. I love that you can quickly scroll to pages you want and see on the bottom bar all the photos.

  8. Congrats Victoria!!! I am so excited and happy for you. I especially love the subtile of the magazine {the art of merry making}.

    My favorite was definitely the Wardrobe to Party feature. I just love that idea. I think I”m gonna do that for my birthday party this year. I can’t wait to find the perfect outfit for it!!!

    Big hug to you Victoria.

  9. cute magazine! I really liked the “how-to’s” (how to make your own confetti, how to make a party hat, and also how to make the sweet treats bag). I also loved the party theme and party outfit sections!

    seashell210 at gmail dot com

  10. The pictures are so pretty and I love the idea behind this magazine but is it okay to add some constructive criticism? I truly mean these in the nicest possible way – I want this magazine to succeed because the idea is so wonderful.

    1. I like incorporating quotes when you have multi-page pictures but make sure they make sense (April bubble? May feathers? That doesn’t make sense or rhyme.) Same goes for the sentence about lips watering. Lips don’t water. Mouths and eyes water.

    2. I think a proofreader (or a new one) is called for. …bright macaroons dotted about give the impression that a sparkled smack could happen… A sparkled smack? What would that be? Also, the second sentence on page 42/43 isn’t really a sentence.

    I think addressing the two issues above would make the magazine seem so much more professional and less amateur. Good luck with future issues!

    • Hi Felicity thanks for commenting. I’m always up for a little constructiveness! I tend to use very artistic language when describing my events and my designs. As a designer, I find it fun to play around with phrases and ideas to convey a meaning, even if it is not always grammatically correct (hence Styled. with a period:) The phrases you quoted were meant to be read the way they were written- no mistakes there!

      That is one of the great things about being able to self publish online, you can express whatever it is you’d like and don’t have to always follow the normal rules! In the end as long as my readers are happy and I have advertisers willing to support me, then I am happy to share my passion with my own unique voice!

  11. this is such a beautiful publication, you must be very proud…. you should be!
    I loved the tea for two article and the instructions on how to make your own sugar cubes were a perfect touch and demonstrate how simple things and attention to details can make all the `difference

  12. omg! what a beautifully organized, pleasing to the eye, creative, full-of-ideas mag! i am in absolute love. i’ve emailed friends, added your blog to my list of loves so i don’t ever forget, and already plan on using some of the fantastic ideas for my sister’s bridal shower in two weeks.

    i am head over heels! thank you so much for such joy :)

  13. Love, love, love it all. I particularly like the feature on the colored sprinkles. I am originally from NZ and we have a specific name for these bright colored mixed sprinkles – Hundreds & Thousands. They are very much a part of every childhood party in NZ (as are chocolate fish!).

    Good luck with your magazine I am sure everyone will love it!

  14. omg! I absolutely love, love, love, the magazine :) it is really my style and I really enjoyed going through the pages.
    I specially love how colorful it is, on the details – like confetis and sprinkles – really pretty photography.
    I also really love the part with sketches on table decoration. The drawings are really pretty and have a lot of character.
    Finally, I really loved how the recipes are showed like a what to do manual with beautiful pictures of the steps!

    Really nice! Congrats :)

  15. I loved the sugar cube idea! So stinkin’ adorable. It never occurred to me that I could make my own. And the possibilities are endless.

    Congratulations. “Styled” is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l.

  16. Loved the magazine!!! I shared it on FB and hope my fnf will check it out. I really liked the table drawings, those were so cool! I also liked “Wardrobe to Party”. Can’t wait to check more things out!

  17. Hi Victoria!
    I was happy to see this post! Your design and “how to’s” have helped make my creating so much more fun. Naturally, I don’t come up with my own creative ideas but I am inspired to recreate yours! I have recreated your “Bird Nest” baby shower for sister in law and I am planning on recreating “Sly Fox” baby shower for a cousin this spring! Did I mention that you have passed on the torch of bunting love? I make bunting if not anything else for family and friends birthdays! Bunting says “Party!” to me!

    Thank you for sharing your ideas to help the less creative :)

  18. I really liked the Styled to Party feature because I thought it would be just about the outfit, but there were so many gorgeous pictures that showed so many other things, I was blown away! On another note, what I super love about your online magazine is that I can just click on the things I like and be whisked away to where I can actually buy them. This is a really amazing thing you’ve done.

  19. woooowww! i spent the day looking for my phone and a minute to call and tell you how AMAZING this is! first, i am now craving sweets! second, i am literally digging out any form of string/ yarn i can find to wrap lemons and burritos. (except i dont have tortillas and we are having chicken soup–gonna be hard to serve that wrapped…ooohh, maybe i can wrap the bowls!)
    third, the pics of your lil chica having tea literally made me tear up. im home with lulu and may have been inspired to pull out the real china and practice for london 2025.
    all of you worked so so hard and it is beautiful!

  20. What a fabulous magazine! My favorite feature was the bohemian easter…i love the new take on easter egg decorating :) Also, the carded party was too fun…oh and sprinkles! I can not wait for your next issue, great start to a brilliant magazine that fills a void for everyday people like myself who love to plan parties for friends :)

  21. Thank you for this beautiful magazine!! I am a real magazine girl: i love the smell and glossy paper…however this magazine was so beautiful put together I did not even miss the smell and glossy paper of a hardcopy mag. I loved all the flowers and the little tips to make your life more fabulous ( like the sugar hearts).

    Thanks, Anna from Amsterdam :-)

  22. holy smokes! ah-mazing! i love everything. i’m speechless over the bohemian easter. also, you don’t know this, but we’re friends. we both live in san diego and we both love planning soirees. just letting you know:)

    great work on styled! can’t wait for more!

  23. Great job! What a beautiful online read – from the articles to the photos. Made me want to live in some of those photos! I really enjoyed Bohemian Easter. It gave me some ideas for our celebration. Keep up the great work!

  24. My heart stopped! Is it wrong that I want to print this out on glossy magazine paper myself just so I can look at it again and agin. Great job! Great images! I love Checkered pink and the table creations will be uber useful.

  25. It is absolutely beautiful! I can’t wait to flip through it again. Each picture was captivating… I love your photographers!! I especially loved that you could just click on any person’s name or website, etc. and go straight there. That’s SO much better than paper magazines.

    Can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

  26. This is the most fun online magazine I have seen. I would definitely subscribe to this, along with my MS and Sunset!

    I loved the sprinkles feature. The Sweet and Saucy Shop cake was just beautiful.

  27. I have to tell you: I adore what I just saw.
    Followed a link on Everything Fabulous, to which I subscribe.
    Can’t wait to spend real time reading and absorbing. I will be poring over the pages and…oh my! it is all just so up my alley. I’m 55 and I have always loved the look and vibe you have here. Decorating, entertaining, enjoying the colors, fabrics, materials for creating.

  28. oh. my. This magazine is candy for my eyes and I anticipate spending many more hours curled up with my laptop enjoying it. I delivered my daughter in September on my birthday, and ever since I have been thinking about how I am going to plan a party for us this year that is worthy of two major milestones- her first and my thirty-fifth. I saw SO many wonderful ideas in your magazine- the details of your Checkered Pink & Bricked Monogram shoots made me swoon- and it is very clear to me that Styled. is going to be my go-to bible for planning the perfect soiree for us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  29. Great job Vicky! I was finally able to take a peek today (my ipad wouldn’t let me see your mag!) I really love the Bohemian Easter style, with all the wonderful yellows :) and the idea behind the Carded at the Door event. What a great way to spend an afternoon, encouraging loved ones, and enjoying sweets!

  30. What an incredibly beautiful and inspiring way to start my day (over in the UK). Thank you! I can’t wait to try out some of the little bits and pieces in my events coming up over the next few months. The layout is exquisite – minimalist and beautifully colourful, and the photos, oh the photos! If only I could take photos like that!

    Particular favourite…um…ooh difficult – but I was particularly inspired by the jars of lemon ricotta cake (favours). Always on the lookout for innovative favours :)


  31. I have to say I read it three times already, literally scrutinizing every detail – if I had a magnifying glass to pore over each picture I would have.

    I loved your grown-up lemonade stand, the heart shaped sugar cubes (a must-do project) and the sprinkles feature!

    Blue Skies,
    Charlotte xo

  32. I love the layout. The colorful photos are engaging and the ideas are fun. I am a visual person and this magazine draws me in. I also like how you laid out the table of contents.

  33. Ooooo what a darling little magazine! I especially loved the styling and colors in “A Bright and Sprinkled Celebration”. Such wonderful inspiration! There’s quite a few DIY ideas I’ll be trying out, starting with those heart sugar cubes and lemonade cocktails! Thank you for providing such a beautiful afternoon for me!

  34. another web-zine to love! I liked the sprinkle article the best runner up that pink paper (crepe) wall! Just the other day my 4 year old daughter decided she wanted a rainbow painted on her wall (which isn’t happening!) so I tossed out the idea of doing a paper one by making TONS of paper hearts and doing basically a confetti rainbow so I loved the wreath and all those little cirlces in the garland – super cute! I think it may just help me sell her on the idea although I’m thinking she may like that pink wall too!

  35. Victoria…You are amazing. I am amazed at how your passion and hobbies have grown into an admirable profession. I am amazed by the work and creativity that you present. Seriously, your entire magazine was beautiful. Great Job!! I can’t wait to see you continue to grow, and to be inspired by you!.

  36. oh WOW, congratulations on such a beautiful magazine. That bohemian easter spread blew my socks off! Such originality- will need to rethink Easter this year if it can be that chic.

  37. Oh my gosh, the magazine turned out so great!! I love everything about it, especially the overall style. It was put together so well! I adored the boho piece. Beautiful!

  38. Oh.Em.Gee! The photography is this magazine is Fantastic!! I want these images up allover my house! My favorite part HAS to be all the confetti/spring parties! I am obsessed with sprinkles and had the best time looking at these pictures! Great giveaway! Antropologie is my favorite store too!

  39. I’m in awe. No, really I am. I flipped through this magazine with an ache of so much excitement in my belly. I could have jumped in the screen wanting to experience it all. Amazing, amazing, amazing job. My favorite was the tea for two…or black and white, or confetti party…..oh, I loved it ALL.
    And I tweeted and shared it with the world, or just maybe my 8 followers.

  40. AMAZING! love the fresh clean layout, I want this in my hands!!! the first thing that made my jaw drop was the page with the aprons! INCREDIBLE! and it just went on from there! thanks, great job! look forward to seeing more from you!
    Jenn Post

  41. Oh my! What a feat of amazment! I love how the magazine is so relatable. I felt like I could actually do/create all those things! I really loved the outfit to party article. And the list of all the links to further party ideas. Bravo! Really well done.

  42. Only managed to stumble across this fabulous website- via finding the styled magazine! So I have two beautiful finds to be thankful! Styled magazine is GORGEOUS, I want to hold every single party, and make/buy/and recreate every single one of those ideas. truly gorgoeus. Wish I could have a printed copy to keep forever! Favourite articles were definitely ‘A Bohemian Easter’ and ‘Colored With Water’. AMAZING. xxxx

  43. This is so exciting! You must be very happy. I absolutely love the style of it all. It grabs me and captivates me…simply beautiful. Every page was beautiful but my favorite part was the Bohemian Easter. It was lovely and very unique and it inspired me (which I love). I’ve wanted to decorate eggs with twine and ribbon this year so seeing these ideas were super fun for me too. Thank you for offering up the gorgeous necklace too. Awesome gift!

  44. What a beautiful magazine! I hope there is more to come! I loved the colors in the Grown Up Lemonade Stand. I just bought a yellow short-sleeved cardigan today at the local consignment store and was thinking how cute it would look with a dark blue top–and then I see this photo! Everything about the shoot was just gorgeous.

  45. Lovely!! I have to say, my favorite feature was “Bohemian Easter”….. I’m really feeling those colors right now!
    Just simply lovely!
    Thanks for this treat! It really made my morning!

  46. i really liked how you rimmed the glasses with sprinkles. what a great touch. also i veered away from the magazine a bit to see the websites the ideas came from. i like to do that. thanks.

  47. i came across styled through postcards and pretties and i love it! you did such a wonderful job, the magazine is beautiful and interesting. my favorite parts were the festive sprinkles towards the beginning of the magazine and then the 4 styled events that included outfits. i really really enjoyed this and will be sharing it with my readers. :)

  48. beautiful photography, lovely layout….very inspiring {and something to lose myself in this beautiful saturday afternoon} .The links towards the back to other blogs was addictive! Thank you for sharing your lovely magazine.

  49. This was so amazing to see! You should be so proud of this work! I especially loved the tea for two and the sugar shapes – brilliant! My 5 girls can hardly wait for their tea for 6 party!

  50. The pops of color and ranges of texture in this magazine are incredible! I felt like I was eating dessert just looking through it – thanks for the visual delight! I loves the confetti/sprinkle series of photos and spreads the best.

  51. I think this is a great magazine. Awesome job. We’d love to use some of your ideas. I just love the watercolor ice cream bar. Overall, the colors for spring (bold and bright for the mexican fiesta and event ideas) are very fitting for how spring makes me feel. Good luck.

  52. I absolutely LOVE this magazine, so many great ideas. Is it possible to get this in a PDF form so we can keep it and refer back? I just hate it when I save a bookmark and when i go back to it the link is broken or the site is gone. I’d love to keep some of these ideas in my arsenal for my next party. Thanks! Great work!

  53. I loved the colored by water feature— how gorgeous does that ice cream look…. trying to figure out how long it will last because it would be gorgeous for a birthday party.

  54. It was so great! I loved the bold colors and photos. I think my favorite was the drawings of the wedding bloggers tables. It was so cute and different. It was all amazing!

  55. Thank you for sharing this beautiful magazine. Every page is a feast for the eye. I especially loved ‘bohemian easter’. The colours and the contrast of materials were inspiring. With pleasure I will follow your blog and your posts on twitter.

  56. This magazine was beautiful and there are so many things to love! First I love “Wardrobe to Party,” so many great and inspiring ideas! I also love the fact that you feature handmade items. I’ve already added some links to my favorites for future shopping! Oh and the sugar cube idea is so cute, will be using that for an upcoming Parisian themed baby shower! Thank you!

  57. I’m thrilled to have found your new magazine! I particularly enjoyed your party ideas, “Bricked Monogram” being my favorite. My three-year-old daughter has asked for a fancy teaparty for her birthday and this has given me some serious inspiration! Thank you so much and I look forward to your next issue!

  58. Is there any way to purchase an actual issue of Styled or print out the magazine ? I absolutely LOVE it but would love to have a hard copy of it!
    Thanks for such a wonderful resource!


  59. This magazine is so bright, colorful, festive, and unique. It’s a “WINNER”! My favorite is the Pomberry Bubbly, for sure. It comes just in time for Mother’s Day. How fresh, easy, and celebratory.

  60. Gorgeous photography – amazingly consistent in rich saturated quality! I find myself wishing there were more notes on how to find some of the products in the photos. The beautiful lollipops as just one example – I wonder where I could find those?? Very inspirational all in all.

  61. I just found your magazine today and loved looking through it! Great photography, ideas and very inspiring overall.

    I only wish that there were perhaps more step by step images to accompany the how-to directions (I am definitely more of a visual learner). I also agree with Karel that it would be great to have a ‘Where to Buy’ section for the products featured in the stories.

    Thanks, and definitely looking forward to the next issue!

  62. This is absolutely devine! I loved flicking through the pages, and the way you set it out was so eye-catching, I loved it! I’m just about to share it with my followers too! I loved the “Party Pieces” Section but the whole magazine was just perfect! xxxx

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