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Sugar fun printable candy labels

Sugar Fun

Tis the season of sugar fun, treats and candy. There is something about the store aisles filling up with bags of goodies that gives me a sweet tooth this time of year. Whether packaging sweets for a Halloween party, the classroom, or the office using personalized packages for them makes everything seem brighter and more fun. I’m partnering with Avery today to share how easy it is to take your favorite photos and create a gorgeous sweet favor that is full of sugar fun.

At least once in ones life they should be allowed as many sweets as they desire.

DIY cupcake wrapper candy favors

All the treats...

First, let’s start with the sweet treats. What are you favorites to give out this time of year? As with the rest of our Halloween ideas – the brighter the better in my book. No need to opt towards packaged, bland tasting chocolate bars. Instead, give out candy that elicits joy with colorful lollipops, rock candy, fruit slices and homemade treats like meringues and marshmallows. In a sea of semi-melted chocolate, these favors will stand out as the best around.


DIY personalized labels

After the sweets are purchased it is time to make the packages. The online Avery printing system allows for printing any photo imaginable for the packaging. I played around with the new system for this post and it was super easy to use. Go to, pick the package number for the labels you have on hand, and drag and drop your photo. The website sizes it perfectly for each label size – plus you can add updates of text and edits to the photos. To download and print the Sugar Fun Photo click here.

Download the full page pink sugar fun labels.

Download the full page blue candy labels.

Place a handful of colorful candy in a firm form cupcake wrapper and top with a personalized Avery label makes a sweet statement this time of year.

To create the personalized favor labels you will need;

Personal favors with Avery labels

The DIY project couldn’t be easier. Load your favorite photos onto the Avery printable site. Edit or add text as desired and print the labels out. The labels will stick well on top of all types of favors. It’s an easy way to make anything from a mason jar to a cupcake holder an instant party favor.

The post is sponsored by Avery.

(Photography of finished project @A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland. Candy photography used in design @Marko Milanovic/Stocksy United).

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