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The Most Colorful Sugar Plum Christmas Garland

This DIY Sugar plum Christmas garland is the most colorful way to decorate a tree or deck the halls for this holiday season. It’s an easy Christmas craft to manage and creates a sugar plum look that is filled with vibrant fun.

DIY Sugar Plum Christmas GarlandLast year, in looking for a healthier alternative to store bought gummies, I made some not so tasty, homemade (organic fruit juice) sugared gummies. What they lacked in taste (they were so gross…), they held in colorful beauty.

Together the colors and sugar, were SO pretty.

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So instead of disgusting homemade gummies, how about a Christmas garland that mimics the beauty of the sugared gummies?

I think YES!

Colorful Sugar Plum Christmas Garland What color are you gong to paint YOUR sugarplum garland? “The children are nestled all snug in their best, while DIY sugarplum garlands dance in your head.”

And while we are talking garlands here are a couple other fun Christmas garlands to make at home:

Christmas garland sugar plum

Sugar plum garland DIY project materials

To make the sugar plum Christmas garland you will need:

  • Round Smooth Foam Balls
  • Square Smooth Foam Cubes (see note below)
  • Paint
  • Clear Chunky Glitter
  • Foam Paint Brushes
  • Twine
  • Needle

How to make Sugar Plum Christmas GarlandHow to make sugar plum Christmas garland step-by-step instructions

Step 1: I couldn’t find square smooth foam cubes in the US. Apparently smooth foam only sells cubes in the UK. So if you’re from the UK, lucky you, because you can skip this step. But if you aren’t lucky enough to live in the UK, you are going to have to make your own cubes.

To create the sugar plum Christmas garland sugar cubes – I bought a 1 inch thick smooth foam sheet, thick enough to match my 1 inch balls, and I very CAREFULLY cut cubes using a very sharp razor blade.

Step 2: Paint the cubes to match your Christmas color palette. As you can tell, I went very nontraditional this year (and every year), with my color palette. But how cute would this garland be in traditional red and green. What I love most about this project, is that your paint job doesn’t have to be perfect. I painted a thin first coat, let it dry, and a thick second coat. But don’t let the second coat dry…

Step 3: Before the paint dries on your last coat, roll your freshly painted foam in glitter. Be generous. The more glitter the better. The glitter is what creates the sugared look on this sugar plum Christmas garland so you want lots of it in play.

But be sure to roll/dip/sprinkle the glitter on the foam, BEFORE the glitter dries. Doing this step avoids having to do an extra step of modge podge, or something similar, to hold the glitter.

Decorating a tree with Sugar Plum Christmas Garland

Decorating a tree with sugar plum Christmas garland

Step 4: Let the foam balls dry over night, so that the glitter sticks to the paint completely.

Step 5: Using a needle and some twine, string the foam, alternating balls/cubes, to make the sugar plum Christmas garland.

Step 6: Vacuum the glitter haha. ;) Because I’m not going to lie, you will have glitter everywhere!

After your glitter bomb is vacuumed, hand your garland somewhere for all to see.

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