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Summer Nature Donut Hunt

With summer winding down we are on the lookout for easy activities to fill our days. My kids love hunting in the backyard for treasures… so we’ve been keeping busy doing nature hunts, swimming and watching movies. It’s great to be a kid in summer! I’m sharing this recent nature donut hunt in partnership with The Nut Job 2 movie, which is one of the last new movies to come out this summer. My kids have been begging to see it, in theatres August 11th.

The movie is about an evil mayor who wants to bulldoze Liberty park. The summer nature donut hunt is a perfect way to showcase to the kids all that is awesome about having undeveloped land and give them a nutty treat for a fun summer morning at home. This is a great activity for playdates, parties or even sleepovers. (We did a summer nature night hunt with flashlights last week!)

Since summer is a time where I don’t want to work to hard on entertaining the kids – a simple paper, pen and stickers is all that’s needed for an easy summer nature hunt. Write in 8-12 items that the kids could find in the space you have. As each item is brought up a sticker marks what’s been collected. Once the sheet is done… they’ve won the game. We’ve played this game about 20 different ways this summer and each time it is just as fun for everyone.

I espcially love that it gets the kids outside. Often when I say, “go play outside and play”, I’m met with blank stares, but when I give the kids a fun treasure hunt everyone is excited to head out back. If you need a quick summer activity this is the trick!

We ended our recent backyard treasure hunt with donuts to celebrate the upcoming release of the movie. Once the kids found everything on their list I added one last item… a nut topped donut! I wrapped each donut in a plastic bag and hid them earlier that morning in the yard – egg hunt style. The kids has a blast searching for the donuts and enjoyed a sweet donut treat out on the grass.

Summer is all about lazy days and special treats which is why this combination of a summer nature hunt + donuts quickly became a favorite. We don’t see a lot of movies during the school year, but summer is the perfect time to head into the AC and watch something funny together. Here’s the trailer to The Nut Job 2, check it out if you’re looking for a fun way to spend a lazy summer day!

This post is done in partnership with The Nut Job 2 movie. Follow the movie on Facebook for more treats & behind the scenes fun.

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