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20 Super Bowl Party Drinking Games Your Friends Will LOVE

Inside: The best Super Bowl drinking games for this year’s Super Bowl party.

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us and while I’m admittedly not an avid football fan, I love any reason to throw a party! Besides the big game, Super Bowl parties are all about getting together with friends for an afternoon full of good food…and drinks ;)

Even if all your party guests aren’t paying close attention to the action on the TV, a few good drinking games will provide all the entertainment you need. Here’s a list of epic Super Bowl drinking games that will definitely get the party started:

Let’s get this party started with a list of the best Super Bowl drinking games


Probably the simplest of all the Super Bowl drinking games, drink every time there’s a touchdown! You can have everyone drink @ touchdown time, or only those rooting for the opposing team drink when they score.

Super Bowl Flip Cup

This is a classic drinking game, with a Super Bowl twist. Instead of using the typical red solo cups, have players flip Super Bowl team cups for a fun switch-up.

Super Bowl Bingo

Print some bingo cards, pass them out, and see who can get 5 in a row first. Winner drinks in this version so you better serve up something yummy!

Bite the Ball

This game’s really funny. Think a buzzed version of bobbing for apples ;) Everyone’s got a mini football in front of them on the floor. The goal: pick it up with your mouth. If you miss an attempt, take a swig!

Super bowl drinking games to play with a group

Balloon Football Toss

For this game, you’ll need mini footballs and small buckets. Split into teams of 2. Each team will have a football tosser and a bucket holder. The object is to see which team can throw all of their footballs into the bucket or the balloon end zone you created. ;) Starting over if they miss one. The team who finishes last has to chug their drink!

Commercial Cup

Everyone knows the commercials are the best part of the Super Bowl. Create your own drinking game to play during the commercial breaks. Here are some ideas…take 1 sip for a car or beer commercial, 2 sips for a food or phone service commercial, and 3 sips for a TV series or movie promo.


Entirely based on the penalties called during the game, have everyone drink each time there’s a flag. 5 yards=1 sip, 10 yards=2 sips, 15 yards=3 sips, and over 15 yards=chug!

Classic Super bowl party games with a twist

Football Pong

Like beer pong only using mini footballs instead of ping pong balls. Be prepared for the “splash zone” with some team towels at the ready.

Announcer Words

Listen up to what the announcers are saying throughout the game and drink based on their commentary. Each time they say certain words of your choosing, everyone’s gotta drink. Some examples are “trade,” “career,” “rookie,” and “rating.”

Halftime – Let’s chat about a few more Super Bowl party favorites

Now, I know we are all here for the game and the boos, but some yummy treats and game day decor can’t hurt. Right? So, here is a list of some of my favorite game day treats and decor!

Ready, Set, Hike! Let’s get back to the game with halftime drinking games

Party Play

Split the crowd up based on which team they’re rooting for. Whenever your team completes one of the “party plays,” you’ve gotta take a drink! Example plays includes: quarterback sack, quarterback blitz, interception, field goal, etc.

Halftime Show Sippin’

Similar to Party Play, Halftime Show Sippin’ requires players to take a sip when certain things happen during the halftime show. This time, everyone’s in on the sippin’, so make sure to top all the drinks off before the show begins. Examples of actions to sip for include: performer sings a cover song, an audience member is spotted singing, tacky costumes, surprise appearance, celebrity hologram, etc.


Jenga + Drink = Jrinka! Bust out this favorite game during the Super Bowl party for a fun drinking game that’s easy peasy. Put a label on each Jenga piece with an instruction like: take a shot, one sip, drink with your eyes closed etc. When players pull out a Jenga piece, they’ve gotta follow the directions on their piece. Whoever knocks it all down has to chug!

Ice Cube Tray Relay

This game has nothing to do with football but everything to do with having fun and getting in some good laughs. It’s perfect for a commercial break. Fill up ice cube trays with beer (or your drink of choice…probably not hard alcohol though!). Give each person playing an ice cube tray and a straw. On “go,” see who can slurp up all the liquid in their tray the fastest.


Squares is a football betting game that’s been around forever. You set up a grid of 10 squares and let everyone who’s playing pick an equal amount of squares. Then, assign a team to the columns and a team to the rows + randomly assign numbers 0-9 to each column and row. At the end of each quarter, the winner (aka drinker!) is selected by using the last number of each team’s score to see where they intersect. Bottoms up!

Party People

This game is entirely based on the actions of those at the Super Bowl party…the party people! Before everyone arrives, make a list to hang on the wall of “infractions.” Things like a spilled drink, exclaiming “woo hoo!,” complaining about the refs, double dipping, etc. Each time someone commits a crime, they’ve gotta drink.


This game’s another great one for a commercial break. It goes like this: gather ’round in a circle and start counting. Each player says their number aloud, but instead of saying 7 or any of its multiples, you have to say “buzz.” Mess up and you drink!

Sip, Shot, Chug!

Caution! Only play this game if you’ve got one or more of the following situations going on: 1) weak drinks, 2) high alcohol tolerance, 3) nowhere to be the following day ;) Assign each play as sip, shot, or chug. Examples: interception = sip, 1st down = shot, touchdown = chug! See how things could get out of hand pretty quickly in an action-packed game??

Football Faux Pas

This game is commonly played at bridal and baby showers, but I’m adding a football twist to make it appropriate for a Super Bowl party! Designate a few forbidden words and phrases that would commonly be repeated while watching a football game. They can be simple things like “football” or the names of the two teams playing. Or, they could be more specific things like “what’s the score?” or “nice play!” The words/phrases you pick are the ‘football faux pas,’ and when someone says them aloud, they have to drink!

Good game, great Super Bowl drinks!

Does this list make you so excited to throw a Super Bowl party? Most of these games can be played sans alcohol if you’re hosting a kid-friendly gathering, or would prefer to keep it dry. But I’m definitely of the opinion that football and drinks go together like up and down, in and out, America and freedom…well, you get the gist. Happy Super Bowl partying! And always remember to drink responsibly ;)

Let us know in the comments what your favorite Super Bowl drinking game is? Or if you have a Super Bowl drinking game that wasn’t listed, we want to know!

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