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swan costume headband + swan cake toppers

Swan Headband Costume

With Halloween coming in just a couple weeks, the need for cute dress-up ideas is high. We will have a couple more traditional costumes coming soon, but today I am happy to share this swan headband!

It is a great option for busy moms who are told they should dress up to help in class, but still need to keep up with five year olds. For those who want to have some fun in the office while still looking professional. And for trick-or-treat night when you don’t want to be totally left out of the game. Bring along this swan topped cake and everyone will immediately adore your dress-up selection.

Swan headdress

Swan birthday party essentials

The swans are a fabulous starting point for a birthday party, or less spooky Halloween costume party. Adorn your cake, make headbands for your guests, and enjoy the colors of the season without all the gore and spook.

Swan cupcake toppers

Swan cake

To make the swan cake toppers you will need; ping pong balls, black wooden skewers, black and orange felt, scissor, glue, and a length of faux feathers. For the headband you will also need a white headband.

DIY swan headband

Make the headband by cutting the felt into shape and gluing the black Y shape over the orange bill. Glue the felt beak to the headband and then glue the feathers to the backside to make the shape of a swan.

Swan halloween costume

For the cake toppers, follow the same steps, but in miniature form. Poke each ball through with a black wooden skewer to top the cake in festive swan style.

Swan birthday party cake

Swan costume

To complete the swan costume – I snagged this great cardigan at Target. I also noticed cute swan sweaters basically everywhere, Forever 21 and H&M displayed two of my other favorites. I love that these pieces can work for Halloween dress-up, and afterwards can become a fun part of your everyday wardrobe.

(photography by Erin Holland for A Subtle Revelry).


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