Making miniature table-top grills is a really fun way to serve small foods at your next party. I designed these with simple materials you can find at a craft store and they come together in about 15 minutes. Once assembled set them up on your table between every 2-3 seats and serve small shish-kabobs, meat or use them as a table top marshmallow roast for dessert.

To make the grills, use one small terracotta planter, wire mesh and two miniature adjustable cake pans. Using a drill with bit attached drill holes into one of the cake pans. Measure the bottom of your planter and cut out a wire mesh circle to be placed inside. Stack two cake pans with the holes drilled pan at the bottom (for oxygen) and glue together. Set the terracotta planter inside the two stacked pans, fill with charcoal and top with the wire mesh. Light and enjoy grilling small foods (it’s fun!).